Accept Payment

I must or not accept payment in exchange? The exchange in the enterprise scope brings diversosbenefcios, however the entrepreneurs still ask if valley to the penalty or to noreceber the payment in exchange. The question that must serfeita is if its company prefers to pay in money the products or services to aserem acquired or to pay with its proper services or products. Well, aresposta is obvious. All want to pay in exchange. Having knowledge of this, because the companies not yet want to vender in exchange? In my opinion osbenefcios for who vende in exchange not yet is clear.

Amongst as much benefciosque the exchange brings for who vende the fact of being able to add a new customer and aomesmo time to pay for the product to be exchanged only the value of the vendaso cost the ones that if detach, however unhappyly passes unobserved pelosempresrios. The companies who accept apermuta as how much aosconcorrentes mode of payment have a competitive advantage. They remember that sales in exchange can generate other sales emdinheiro. To evaluate the exchange the seraceita, conditions, also determinative prices and prazosso for fecharo business. These subjects will be boarded in next post. Ecomece stops to spend money to exchange. Good businesses.