Relationship Between

I have seen many frauds by my work as a consultant for systems of credit and debit cards. You have to see the witty which are the mafias that are responsible for defrauding day many people with one of the things most sacred to one: our money. But despite my knowledge, already I have cloned me two (2) my credit card by that I’ve been very careful. Therefore, I’m going to give a tip. Ever use your credit card on a trade (shop, restaurant, etc), is wide the possibility that they clone you your card, but for more cash than these mafias for clone you your card, there is always something that stops the magnitude of the fraud and this is the balance available. Read well what I told you, it stops the magnitude of fraud, I didn’t stop fraud. I.e.

fraud could do you likewise but for an amount much lower. In the majority of banks, the available credit card balance is the difference between your credit limit and your debit balance. By example: If you have a credit card with limit of US $ 10,000 and your debit balance is $ 2,000, then your available balance is $ 8,000 that gets 10,000 $2,000 $ = $8,000 $, i.e., which until that time you can spend with your card. So that is important to this? Because in the majority of cases of credit card fraud, fraudulent amount never exceeds the available balance. Then, suppose you have multiple credit cards with their respective balances available: balance available TOC 1 > $ 1,000 balance available TDC 2 > $ 2,500 balance available TDC 3 > $ 5,000 balance available TDC 4 > 7,500 US $ balance available TDC 5 > $ 10,000 then, take care to leave only with 1 or 2 credit card, unless you go to make a purchase of great valuealways use the card of less available balance, i.e., in this case, the 1 credit card, so that if cloned you card they can not get you many consumption with the same. This is a technique that I apply constantly M.S. Felix Gonzalez j.