Technology Pasta Production

Technology pasta production Manufacture of macaroni izdeliyPodgotovka raw materials to manufacturing pasta meal preparation is: a weighing, blending, sieving, magnetic ochistkeSmeshivanie.Dlya which must mixing pasta flour? Mixing of different batches of flour of the same species in a specific ratio shall be carried out to improve some measure due to the higher raw material. The application requires improvers thorough mixing of batches of flour in a special mukosmesitelyah. Mixing, also, you must use small quantities of container storage of raw materials, especially if the stock is not supported by the necessary microclimate for storage. In Depending on where and what time is every bag of flour moisture in it can vary quite strongly over time. The difference in humidity in the bags can be up to 1 2%, which can lead to unstable pasta press and the entire line in tselom.Proseivanie. Screening is carried out to separate accidentally fallen into the flour foreign particles such as lint, yarn, paper, dry lumps of flour. For screening, is usually used Burat, centrifugal sieve, sieving, and other equipment are fitted with metal sieves with openings ranging in size from 1.0 to 1.6mm.

The most popular flour sifter, sifter is a "Pioneer." Magnetic cleaning. Magnetic purification of flour produced by permanent magnets to remove metallic impurities that may have gotten into the flour as a result of the arrangements. In the field of the magnets, the flour should be moving in a layer of 6-8mm with a rate not exceeding 0.5 m / sec. Such a system of magnetic cleaning equipment is required for the macaroni. Every 4 hours, magnets ochischayutsya.Prigotovlenie pasta dough. Pasta dough in its composition, is the simplest of all kinds test, used in the production of baked goods. Often, the recipe consists of only flour and water. The introduction of any additives and improvers, significantly increases the cost of pasta and forces manufacturers to move into a higher price category.