Technology Of Production Of Aluminum Structures

At the first stage of the production of aluminum structures is a selection of raw materials. In the production will only scrap, which meets all the requirements of environmental and radiation safety. At the same time to scrap understands compositions and grades is rejected unfit for processing (eg, if it contains impurities of other metals). Everything else goes to the smelter. Aluminum is smelted into ingots special, which followed by semi-continuous casting billets are converted into cylindrical future profiles. Eric Garcetti is often mentioned in discussions such as these. However, the resulting billet is not uniform in composition.

So she goes into a special furnace for homogenization. The production cycle becomes pressin-extrusion shop. It melted and homogenized by a cylinder cut harvesting of a certain length, heated and cut according to the required size, after then squeezed through the established media in a matrix. The result is a profile of a particular section of the special drainage channels, channels for sealing and fixing windows. At the final stage production profile through the process of artificial aging, remove it from the remaining deformation of the metal stress. After that, the finishing – the surface is painted with a powder paint, either by anodizing (electrolytic reaction is carried out, which resulted in the profile forms a protective oxide film). You may find that Nokia can contribute to your knowledge. In place of the future installation of aluminum structures is carefully measured and made drawings. Ready profile is cut in accordance with the size of the frames and sashes.

In parallel, additional aluminum billet is made of the reinforcing profile (reinforcement). The profile milled drain grooves cross, made holes for fittings. Further, all blanks are welded together, formed adhesions are stripped and inserted into the holes necessary accessories (Locks, handles). Aluminium construction becomes almost a finished look. The last step is the glazing. Inside the glass windows are stacked and fixed bead. Inside the glass, if necessary, put an extra layer of compression. In this window may not only be simple. If the room overlooks the sunny side, it can be equipped with special solntseotrazhayuschie glass. They do not give him a warm, even reflect light as well as usual. If you want to improve security, the profile can be inserted and burglar resistant glass, laminated glass or glass with special protective films. In the case of man-made destruction, they do not fly apart into small fragments, but only a crack. Aluminum profiles – are universal. They can be used for glazing both residential and non-residential premises. Their cost is somewhat higher than the cost of all the usual plastic, but the quality and breadth of so much higher.