New Continuing Education Program

Wind energy is obtained cutting-edge today more than 20% of our electricity from renewable energy sources. The proportion of electricity consumption from wind power alone is more than 7.5% and will rise further in the coming years. The German wind energy Association (BWE), the world’s largest single Association for renewable energies, steadily pushing the development of wind energy industry and offers extensive training opportunities in the fields of small wind, onshore and offshore companies. In the year 2012, 52 conferences and seminars will take place with experienced speakers. The arranging of in-depth knowledge of wind energy in combination with application-oriented solutions is at the core of the seminars. Conferences offer attendees as well as an insight into the market wind energy in addition a platform for networking. The events handled issues of wind energy such as due diligence, direct marketing, licensing, networks and financing. In addition to the exchange between experts, practitioners and policy makers, participants will among other things through Lectures and excursions under realistic conditions for their daily work with wind energy.

Especially wind in the forest represents the main topic of the wind energy sector since 2011. The BWE picks up on this hotly debated topic in several seminars. There are places to do so in Kassel and Stuttgart. As the population from the outset can be involved in the project, is in special seminars to the acceptance and the so-called cooperative”conveys the planning of wind farms. The pioneering position of BWE is confirmed by the Wirtschaftswoche: the newspaper has appointed the BWE President Hermann Albers, the second most important official and Advisor to the energy revolution.

“” Even owners of numerous wind parks, Albers is currently particularly the expansion of electricity networks are not developed for 30 years “were and the double amount of the electricity transport” should so Albers to Wirtschaftswoche. The BWE is a partner of 3,000 companies and represents more than 20,000 members. Non-members are invited to the events. The full training program in 2012, visit the website of the BWE.