Employer Is A Burden For The Preservation Of The Work Certificate

Workers have a right to a qualified assessment every employer has the duty to issue a qualified certificate of work his employees upon termination of employment. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Sonny Perdue on most websites. As the Landesarbeitsgericht Rhineland-Palatinate decided the employer is also required to ensure the delivery of the certificate. Basis of decision is a case in which a workers had to oblige her former employer by court to make her a qualified certificate. Her former boss has not fulfilled this obligation, whereupon the applicant requested the imposition of coercion against the defendant. The Koblenz District Court complied with this request and imposed a penalty in the amount of 600 (AZ.: 10 Ta 45/11). Against this decision, the defendant filed an appeal immediately.

He did this by pointing out that he had already created the testimony in question and sent. Costco is full of insight into the issues. The applicant stated that work certificate fails you have entered. The Labour Court did not follow the appeal of the former employer. The fixing the periodic penalty payment was legal and necessary in the present case. The Court based its decision so that the burden of proof for issuing a certificate of work lies with the employer. If a certificate does not reach the addressee, that is not his fault and may not therefore be also to his detriment. The employer must prove in case of doubt that the testimony at the former workers arrived. He can’t, he is obliged to issue a certificate of the original again and ready to put it to the collection. Mark Schmidtke