Club Beech

Although beech and simply cut, but dry wood crumbles and prickly in a shallow groove in the paper chisel across the grain. This deficiency can be corrected easy wetting of the plot, which is being processed. But it must be done carefully, because beech is highly hygroscopic, breed, it swells and warp from moisture. If the wet the entire work surface, the piece will curve to the beech complete loss of its shape. And before you wet the new location, you must let it dry beech staromu.Poetomu furniture needs careful handling safety materials to accidentally trapped by water has not begun warping. Wood is suitable for various restoration work (in the form of an array, for typesetting facing and mosaic). With roughly the same properties as the oak, it more "friendly" by its pinkish hue, and, although it does not have such a rich texture, has a beautiful natural shine.

It is widely used in virtually all types of furniture, especially of contemporary style and curved furniture, as well as in the production of parquet. Due to the homogeneous structure of beech wood floor visually looks calm, warm and soft even though beech – a hard and tough wood, which is comparable in this respect with dubu.Rozovataya characteristic touches of beech wood is calming and helps create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. Wood Alder soft and light but very strong. Very good cut, not shooting up in the thread, almost does not crack during drying. Easily polished and painted. It is very resistant to water, it is even used to make piles, manhole log cabins and mine props. The negative is the property of alder – it is very bad sverlitsya.V central Russia common alder are two basic types: black and gray, so named for the color of the bark.

The black alder bark trunk is dark gray, almost black, covered with numerous cracks, and the gray – gray-green or gray-brown and pliable and gladkaya.Vyazkaya to handle in all directions, it is used in such important products as musical instruments. Also, its use for the easel and Chamber of sculpture, wall panels and carved decorative tableware. Steamed alder is used for making bentwood furniture. Modern technologies allow to choose for each breed a method of treating an individual, creating a surprisingly beautiful interior. The interiors of the securities wood decorate today, not only accommodation but also the elite schools, clubs, commercial banks, restaurants, casinos, creating a feeling of warmth, comfort and refinement. Interior Club