XXI Fashion

According to MINIARD (2000), the study of the behavior of the consumer he is one of the steps in the research and in it analyzes of marketing, when carrying through this research, the companies can discover tracks regarding as and why the people in the market-target plan, they carry through, they use and they evaluate the purchases. At the beginning of century XXI the fashion seems marked for two principles: ' ' nothing it is created, everything if copia' ' ' ' the fashion goes and vem' '. Instead of divas of the cinema or music, the car-heads are drag-queens, that they command the world fashion of inside of its ghettos, that are the great nocturnal houses, concurred spaces as same the Gays Stops and some spaces in the television. Inside of the adopted aesthetic paradigm, they come growing the trend to the customizao and the recycling of materials, searching the sustainable development, also in the field of the fashion. Still some movements of youth exist, as the aesthetic Clubber, underground and the culture hip hop, but always on to the universe of the nocturnal ballads and houses. Follow others, such as Michael Steinhardt, and add to your knowledge base. In this context also, the diffusion of the tattooing and piercing was accented very. All these movements happen due to different way that each consumer reacts under equal stimulatons. These differences are that they will go to determine the acts of purchase and the specific behaviors of each consumer.

To know what the consumers want and as they take its decisions on the purchase and the use of products is basic so that the organizations have success in its market. As they affirm Kotler and Keller (2006), she is necessary to permanently monitor the behavior of purchase of the consumer, but for this she is necessary to know who is this consumer. The men are each time vain people, more currently according to estilista of the Richard&#039 store; s, Marcelo Gomes, this increase comes growing since 1994, when they had started to arrive at Brazil to the great international article marks for man.