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XXI Fashion

According to MINIARD (2000), the study of the behavior of the consumer he is one of the steps in the research and in it analyzes of marketing, when carrying through this research, the companies can discover tracks regarding as and why the people in the market-target plan, they carry through, they use and they evaluate the purchases. At the beginning of century XXI the fashion seems marked for two principles: ' ' nothing it is created, everything if copia' ' ' ' the fashion goes and vem' '. Instead of divas of the cinema or music, the car-heads are drag-queens, that they command the world fashion of inside of its ghettos, that are the great nocturnal houses, concurred spaces as same the Gays Stops and some spaces in the television. Inside of the adopted aesthetic paradigm, they come growing the trend to the customizao and the recycling of materials, searching the sustainable development, also in the field of the fashion. Still some movements of youth exist, as the aesthetic Clubber, underground and the culture hip hop, but always on to the universe of the nocturnal ballads and houses. Follow others, such as Michael Steinhardt, and add to your knowledge base. In this context also, the diffusion of the tattooing and piercing was accented very. All these movements happen due to different way that each consumer reacts under equal stimulatons. These differences are that they will go to determine the acts of purchase and the specific behaviors of each consumer.

To know what the consumers want and as they take its decisions on the purchase and the use of products is basic so that the organizations have success in its market. As they affirm Kotler and Keller (2006), she is necessary to permanently monitor the behavior of purchase of the consumer, but for this she is necessary to know who is this consumer. The men are each time vain people, more currently according to estilista of the Richard&#039 store; s, Marcelo Gomes, this increase comes growing since 1994, when they had started to arrive at Brazil to the great international article marks for man.

Village Rooms

Thinking about this necessity where the institution, place where if foca our center of study, we join our ideas in one alone objective practises to stimulate it of the maternal aleitamento, fortifying the affective bond between the mother and the baby and collaborating with healthful growth of exactly. Thus each time more excellent becomes than we as academics and future professionals let us can intervine and guide how much to the correct behaviors related to the maternal aleitamento preventing its future complications, searching solutions and improvements for a problem previously identified. Being thus we will go to use audiovisuais resources and expositiva lesson for then reaching the considered objectives. 2. Learn more on the subject from snoring control devices. DIAGNOSIS SITUACIONAL: The Basic Unit Doctor Herculano Farias Grandson was inaugurated in 25 of May of 2002 for then mayor Antonio Enrique and today Oliveira counts on a new structure inaugurated for the management of mayor Jusmari where the left edge of the Rio Grande is located in urban space of Barreirinhas to a distance of approximately 2 downtown km of Barriers.

With address in the Street Maria Percilia N 333, it squares 23 lot M, quarter Village of the Ss, takes care of to a population of 3.369 registered in cadastre families corresponding 10.361pessoas, currently in the unit has registered in cadastre 24,479 people with the composition of new communitarian agents of health totalized 1394 where they are inclusas 24,479, being that 12,724 people who migram of other areas enclosed and not enclosed for the unit. The unit still carries through the accompaniment of 201 gestantes, 943 lesser children of 5 years, 619 hipertensos and 106 diabetic ones. In its physical installation it is composed of nine rooms, distributed in a odontolgico doctor’s office, a vaccine room, a pharmacy, reception, a room of marking of examinations, a room of procedures, two rooms of nursing, a medical doctor’s office, pantry, two bathrooms, sterilization room. Randall Mays has plenty of information regarding this issue.


As it is good for being able to think about each detail that involves the marriage. To mark the date of the ceremony, to choose the type of reception, to inform to friends and relatives, to invite the page, daminha and the godfathers, to decide for the invitation, to organize the tea of kitchen (or tea-bar), to dream of the fianc dress Are as many item that, many times, we finish leaving of side a small detail, but that it is basic: the hairdo for the great day. Obviously, it is not necessary definiz it with antecedence months, but, as well as any another made choice, this must be thought with well-taken care of affection and. This because ' ' cabelo' ' it needs to be in harmony with the type of face of the fianc, the chosen dress, the schedule and place of the ceremony and even with the trends of the fashion. People such as medical billing would likely agree. It seems much thing, n? But it is not. A decision always finishes leading to the other and so on. In the day where you mark the date and the schedule of its marriage, for example, already are predefined a series of questions, as the type of fabric that will be able to give origin to fianc dress, the flowers that will go to compose its bouquet and until the wreath or ideal arrangement.

I go to explain, to be more clearly: a fianc who goes to be married during the morning, in a small farm, for example, must prevent a satin dress repleto of brightness and embroidering, as well as a bouquet in dark tones and a wreath repleta of strass followed by a long veil. After all, nor the fabric, nor the pedrarias, not even this type of wreath and veil combine with gram, sun and with all the accidental and relaxed climate of the field. These details more are indicated for ceremonies carried through at night and in closed place, since they demand glamour very, brightness and requinte. Another good tip is to make the test of hair and maquiagem with the professional of its confidence about one week before the marriage. It has taken magazines, it shows references and it says what you prefer. The hairdresser and the maquiador will know to advise to make it optimum, and the test will serve you to have certainty that everything will leave jeitinho that it always wanted. Then, it is felt inspired and it conferred the hairdo that more is adjusted to its style, to its physical type and the characteristics of its marriage and shortness, shortness very. After all, this moment is only deserves to be lived deeply in each detail. One remembers that this is the beginning of everything, a new life that will come. A new family being born, a baby and alone God knows what more

Great Commemorations

Italy was born in 1861. In the truth king Vittorio Emanuele II assumed in this date, more necessarily in 17 of March of this year. Thus the Kingdom of the Itlia.Sua was created unification is therefore commemorating 150 years. In way to much party, 40 heads of State had taken part in the festejos, that if gave in Rome. As alive test of the globalization, in this party they had participated to all the countries, each one of them sending at least a restaurant, that has as specialty Italian food. It enters all the celebrations of this anniversary, the majority of them it occurred in Rome and it counted on the presence of some authorities of diverse countries, between them Cristina Kirchner, Dmitri Medvedev, of Germany, Christian Wulff, of Israel, and the president of Russia, this to detach some of the main names.

Hillary Clinton, also disclosed itself, on behalf of president Obama. As crucial point, the height of the commemoration was marked by a military parade, which if gave in Rome, in imperial its fruns. Very interesting to stand out, that to the restaurants they had entered in party for world. In Brazil, it had commemoration in several of them. The first one was the Bassi, in So Paulo, this specialized in meat. This was in 17 of March.

However, after this date, several other restaurants had also taken part in the party. Many in the interior of the state, as it is the case of the establishment Laura and Francesco, that is next the city to Valinhos. This beyond having had the presence of many people of name, also offered to its guests all special menu, with the delicious iguarias of Italy. As entrance, only vocs to have an idea, a called plate Bruschette Tricolori was served, and the main plate, was the imperdvel Bucatini all' Amatriciana, also known for Penne all' Arrabbiata. Well, if you as I am one loving of the Italian kitchen, must be with water in the mouth. Yes, with certainty it was a very flavorful lunch, with a dessert, worthy of deuses. The delight was the Tiramis. As vocs they must have perceived the anniversary was celebrated in great style, as it really deserves aniversariante. It knows more on ticket of train in Italy.