As it is good for being able to think about each detail that involves the marriage. To mark the date of the ceremony, to choose the type of reception, to inform to friends and relatives, to invite the page, daminha and the godfathers, to decide for the invitation, to organize the tea of kitchen (or tea-bar), to dream of the fianc dress Are as many item that, many times, we finish leaving of side a small detail, but that it is basic: the hairdo for the great day. Obviously, it is not necessary definiz it with antecedence months, but, as well as any another made choice, this must be thought with well-taken care of affection and. This because ' ' cabelo' ' it needs to be in harmony with the type of face of the fianc, the chosen dress, the schedule and place of the ceremony and even with the trends of the fashion. People such as medical billing would likely agree. It seems much thing, n? But it is not. A decision always finishes leading to the other and so on. In the day where you mark the date and the schedule of its marriage, for example, already are predefined a series of questions, as the type of fabric that will be able to give origin to fianc dress, the flowers that will go to compose its bouquet and until the wreath or ideal arrangement.

I go to explain, to be more clearly: a fianc who goes to be married during the morning, in a small farm, for example, must prevent a satin dress repleto of brightness and embroidering, as well as a bouquet in dark tones and a wreath repleta of strass followed by a long veil. After all, nor the fabric, nor the pedrarias, not even this type of wreath and veil combine with gram, sun and with all the accidental and relaxed climate of the field. These details more are indicated for ceremonies carried through at night and in closed place, since they demand glamour very, brightness and requinte. Another good tip is to make the test of hair and maquiagem with the professional of its confidence about one week before the marriage. It has taken magazines, it shows references and it says what you prefer. The hairdresser and the maquiador will know to advise to make it optimum, and the test will serve you to have certainty that everything will leave jeitinho that it always wanted. Then, it is felt inspired and it conferred the hairdo that more is adjusted to its style, to its physical type and the characteristics of its marriage and shortness, shortness very. After all, this moment is only deserves to be lived deeply in each detail. One remembers that this is the beginning of everything, a new life that will come. A new family being born, a baby and alone God knows what more