Voycer Launches Startup Initiative

Startups help to each other, to be successful “together more reach under the motto” the Voycer AG offers a platform where startups can spread among each other special offers such as discounts, discounts or free test. The Munich-based tech startup Voycer, provider of software-as-Service solutions for such as online shops, bringing each other closer startups. “In the framework of the initiative startup 4 startup” appear young up and coming companies in contact with each other and make each other special offers from startups, for startups. As barriers reduced and reduced inhibitions, to move closer to each other, to cooperate, and to create synergies. Especially in the area of the startups siehtVoycer potential for open dialogues and exciting collaborations. “Voycer Managing Director Michael Nenninger writes in the corporate blog to the initiative: startups are young, flexible and innovative minded and should not alone the way above” contest must not, when it comes to us. u0085 Every startup has a “Core competence and startups meet each other in the B2B area with our initiative and help each other for a faster market success.” Voycer itself has collected first positive experience thus.

“Startup 4 startup” creates attractive incentives for cooperation through discounts, perks, or decrees and generated for the startups references and of course benefits profits by the cheaper purchased products and services. The implementation of the initiative is deliberately clear and straightforward: on voycer-biz/startup4startup all participating startups introduce yourself, describe its range of other startups and express what they want in return. The startups themselves establish the contact to each other. There not is a mediator, nor costs for participating in the initiative. The initiative receives support from the information portal of Grunderplus, a service of the dealer association management AG. The Grunderplus GmbH has to set the goal, StartUps qualified value in all relevant Foundation Areas to offer.

It also includes, to communicate important new features, benefits, and information about our Grunderplus information portal. Startups4Startups is an innovative way for founders to each other to facilitate market entry. Therefore, we very much support this project! “, so Tim Artl, Managing Director of Grunderplus GmbH.” At the start of the initiative, there were already following exciting offers for startups: Userlike offers a free two-month trial period of Testbirds adopted 50% on the first project at crossvertise save 10% on media self posted, performance at jusmeum get startups startups a free Premiumjahresmitgliedschaft Voycer even offers the SaS solution for online shops for 3 months free. Since the launch of the initiative have already more than twice as many companies as to the start in the startup 4 startup “let record pool. Other participants of the initiative are: Polarstern BUSINESS COUPON FastBill body boom BoxCryptor SQUIRREL GRAPHICS day factory of each interested startup is welcome and can be fast, easy and free of charge. Marko Pichlak