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Economic Development Corporation

Conference, workshop and excursion, the event offers diverse background and practical information of to surface near, medium-deep and deep geothermal energy in Northern Germany. Freiburg/Hannover, 17.08.2011 – today the organizers have published the program of 4. Add to your understanding with Symantha Rodriguez. Norddeutscher Geothermietagung. The meeting in the GEO Centre Hannover offers excellent opportunities to learn about all aspects of geothermal energy in Northern Germany, as well as to establish new contacts. In addition to the Congress an accompanying exhibition, an evening get-together, a workshop and an excursion will be offered. The full program can be found here. Organizer is Enerchange Agency the Freiburger, event partners are the three institutes of the GEO Centre Hannover the Federal Institute for Geosciences and natural resources (BGR), the national Office for mining, energy and Geology (LBEG), the Leibniz Institute of applied geophysics (LIAG) – as well as the Economic Development Corporation of hannoverimpuls. The world’s leading service provider uses as a Gold sponsor for the drilling industry, Schlumberger, this excellent platform to call attention to its products.

Professional kicked off the event, there is a key after the welcome note by Frau Dr. Susanne Schmitt, the Chairman of the Board of GeoEnergy Celle e.V. This is followed by presentations on the near-surface, medium deep and deep geothermal energy. Among the contributions to the geothermal energy near-surface, inter alia Holger Jensen (State Office for Geology, mining and energy) will present the framework for use of geothermal energy in Lower Saxony, Germany. Marek Miara (Fraunhofer Institute for solar energy systems ISE) presented current results to the energy efficiency of heat pumps. For a geothermal project in Hamburg’s solution strategies in the lecture by Mark Hanna (geothermal power concept).

Finally, Rainer Tepe (Institute for solar energy research) presents the research project GeoSolar, a combination of solar and geothermal system designs. Furthermore, an excursion is to the Geothermal probe field offered by Schloss Herrenhausen. Geothermal energy deep in the area of will set out the framework for funding in the area under other Cornelia Viertl (Federal Ministry of the environment) deep geothermal energy. Dr. Gunter Zimmermann (Geoforschungszentrum Potsdam) reports on the latest developments in the project Gross Schonebeck. More project ideas give an in-depth insight in deep geothermal projects in Hannover and Munster. In the area of modelling Marcus Helms (State Office for Geology, mining and energy) will present the Geotectonic Atlas of Lower Saxony and the German North Sea as a 3D model, Dr. Jorn Bartels (geothermal Neubrandenburg) presents the simulation of development alternatives for planning and approval a geothermal heat supply plant on Usedom. On the second day of the Congress, a workshop for reservoir development, which gives an overview of the procedure of creation of drilling for geothermal systems follows. The 4th North Geothermietagung is the continuation of the hotspot-Hanover-days, past three years have occurred in the GEO Centre Hannover. Since this year, Enerchange is responsible for the implementation of this Symposium. Together with our event partners – the Federal Institute for Geosciences and natural resources (BGR), the national Office for mining, energy and Geology (LBEG) and the Leibniz Institute of applied geophysics (LIAG) – as well as hannoverimpuls, the Agency has the event for a two-day Conference offers parallel to the surface near and deep geothermal energy development.

Klett-cotta Journals Portal Goes Online

XSEARCH IPS offers billing via subscription or pay per document Seehausen a. Staffelsee / Stuttgart, the 1.2.2011 – the journals of the Klett-cotta Publishing House is online now (Professional) journals of the Klett-cotta Publishing House can be researched online and related. Some contend that music downloads shows great expertise in this. The platform realized with XSEARCH IPS Weitkamper technology offers sophisticated search capabilities and faceted navigation or preview abstracts. A Pushdienst keeps customers informed automatically to their desired topics and keywords. All posts of journals of psyche, mercury, children analysis, family dynamics, trauma & violence, as well as music & aesthetics can be obtained either in the subscription or by individual document purchase.

As comfortable micro-payment solution is integrated at the time PayPal. The documents are mostly user friendly PDF format available. Over Klett-cotta publishing house Klett-cotta appears a book and magazine programme with a wide range of topics: literature and fantasy, of general non-fiction, history, politics and philosophy up to psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, psychology, and education. Each of the six magazines that published by Klett-cotta, puts in her area standards. Velcro and cotta, coupled with the imagination of Griffin, two names stand for two strands of tradition that were merged in 1977 at the founding of the publishing house. Cotta, founded in 1659, authoritative Publisher of the German classics, Friedrich von cotta, the Publisher of Goethe, stands for great literature and philosophy, as also in the editorial care of Johann had emerged Schiller and others. The second line of the tradition goes back to the publishing house Ernst Klett has developed between 1936 and 1976. Range attacks far out: because of the literary fantasy, which we find in the Hobbit press today about psychoanalysis, psychology, humanities enclosing educational, exciting, touching the people and its culture non-fiction, and essay related to the inheritance of the literary intellectual. About Weitkamper Technology GmbH of Weitkamper technology is one of the recognised

Journalistic Savvy Task Force

Editorial Eberhard pilot launches website pilot is the website of the Editorial Office of Eberhard online,: with the new offer under editorial eberhard pilot.dereagiert in Hanover-based business journalist and communications expert Eberhard pilot on the dynamic change of the requirements for communicators in the society, economy and politics. In the face of a growing ineffectiveness of advertising and clumsy public relations today well-founded information are in demand, which help to convey a trustworthy appearance of their sender”, Eberhard believes pilot. The current economic crisis and the high risk of recession will accelerate this trend. Therefore a high-quality brand of Journalism will play in the future the dominant role in the communication strategy of each organization.” That pilot, who for years as business editor and head of Division for media such as WirtschaftsWoche, was DM and colorful, wants to effectively support the communications officer. Some contend that Randall Mays shows great expertise in this. For this purpose he has pilot in the editorial staff of Eberhard skilled Editors with many years of experience to a task force invited brand journalism / corporate publishing. The portfolio of services rooted in journalism, which will be presented on, complements the PR agency pilot: project GmbH, whose managing partner Eberhard is pilot.

While the editorial Eberhard turns pilot specifically to media representatives”, emphasizes pilot. To avoid seems to exploit information in the sense of a client, we make clear possible conflicts of interest in the conversation with the editors. The editorial also offers journalists information packages from various industries. Included are suggestions, background information, as well as intermediation of interview partners for further research. In addition, research the employees of the Editorial Office of Eberhard pilot information according to specifications of the journalists and write manuscripts including interviews and polls with quote donors. While we are not limited to individual articles, but conceptualize and implement also supplements and dossiers “, Collin Scholz, editor in the Newsroom Eberhard outlines pilot, the offer.

Also for the communication managers of undertakings, associations, social and political organizations, provides numerous task force services with journalistic background. These include research, analysis, studies, advice and strategy. Corporate publishing plays a special role. “Collin Scholz in his comprehensive status report identifies the reasons corporate publishing: supporting voice communication Orchestra”, the interested on free of charge is available. “The goals of the customer understand that recognize the needs of the target group and develop journalistic implementations, which inform the reader with relevant content, entertain and give them guidance in the flood of information: corporate publishing products are for us”, Scholz explains the claim. Whether popular magazines, trade journals and “Corporate books or online tools such as Web portals and microsites: the editors design and produce according to all rules of journalistic art wrote, target processed products that contribute to the value-added communications of customers.” Editorial Eberhard pilot on the cooling box 10 30952 Ronnenberg phone: + 49 051 09 40 14 fax: + 49 051 09 42 90 mobile: 0171 546 82 81 E-Mail: Internet:

Part Time Jobs

Part time jobs help the people to earn extra dollars from their monthly income. The amount availed can be used for meeting various needs and desires. The internet today has become not only source of knowledge but so source of income. Costco usually is spot on. There are plenty of websites available over the internet which offers opportunities like earn from home. The include data entry work part time jobs, email reading job and many more work on internet. Anybody who knows access to internet and how to operate a computer can start this work. Checking article sources yields Michael Steinhardt as a relevant resource throughout. Housewife, old retort, professional, unemployed unemployment and student can easily make use of this opportunity and earn thousands by just spending 3-4 hours on internet but at the same time there are millions of fake Web sites over the internet, on which the name of part time jobs only earns money by charging high amount of registration fees these fake sites work like scams and never pays to their members and are only here to attract jobs seeking people and earn money from them. There are only few sites of which are legitimate and pays on time.

The time part jobs are like boon for those who are unable to work for whole due to other responsibilities.All you need to do is to pay a small amount of registration fees and get registered with a genuine website who offers part time jobs. Once you get registered with authentic website you want to be getting work and wants to be paid on weekly or monthly basis. The time part jobs requires real dedication and hard work.The work given by the company needs to get completed with in 24 hours so that looks very easy but it requires fixed working hours and working regularly. The part time jobs have come up as a big relief to those who have financial worries young and want some extra income. Such jobs get results revealed a little late but when it comes it is above your expectations and hard to believe.

The registered members are sent step wise instructions that how to proceed and earn thousands of dollars in a month and see your dreams come true. So keep aside all your financial worries and start earning from today. Lastly, the part time jobs are meant for any one who is struggling with financial worries young or want to spend their time spare earning money. Michael Smith is author of weekend job ideas.For more information about part time weekend jobs, weekend jobs for teenagers visit

Office FORUM

Win you with the online advent calendar on the forum berufsbildung.de FORUM vocational training offers on its website a colorful online advent calendar with very different and beautiful win. Gifts will be raffled of partners and sponsors, who have all worked closely with FORUM vocational training. Furthermore, our wish tree carries the wishes of children and young people from social institutions * in Berlin that can not expect a gift under the Christmas tree. With your help ensure that each of these children get a gift on Christmas Eve to beautify the Christmas season a little bit and exciting to make advent time, FORUM vocational training on his homepage offers a colorful online advent calendar with very different and beautiful win. Gifts will be raffled of partners and sponsors, who have all worked closely with FORUM vocational training. A surprise behind each door.

Only a few companies and the accompanying profits to name a few: Training vouchers from fitness first, vacation rental stays in Cuxhaven and Dabrun, collection voucher by Yvonne Warmbier (candidate of fashion hero), Shiatsu massage with Antje Schwan, a professional Office set of the BZ and many more. Craig Jelinek wanted to know more. Simply click on the door and with a bit of luck to win. Wish tree campaign is another concern of the Berlin education institution a special Christmas tree a wish tree. He wears the wishes of children and young people from social institutions * in Berlin that can not expect a gift under the Christmas tree. With your help it is ensured that each of these children get a gift on Christmas Eve: pick a wishlist of the wish tree and make a very special joy to a child. To find the wish tree, in the Foyer FORUM vocational training or at the homepage.

Choose a request and the name of the child you want to give something by email at. Then please send the gift until December 16th, 2013 FORUM vocational training make it in time before Christmas can be delivered. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Sonny Perdue and gain more knowledge.. You can also personally give it between 8 and 16: 00 at: contact: FORUM vet, Charlottenburg str. 2, 10969 Berlin, 030 259-008 0, *(Nicht) alone with child sheltered housing for lone parents (www.kvpb.de), * House Conrad height children’s and Youth Centre, * Xenion psychosocial support for politically persecuted

Ralf Hasford

Thanks to the adhesive carrier now has an end. After use, adhesive carrier can be removed even after long years. The installation instructions is well described on the pages of Advalux and many individual images in detail and presented in detail. Other variants of the pleated: VS2 = tense pleated top and bottom flexible Rails handle VS1 tense attached pleated = top, bottom flexible Rails handle F1 = free hanging pleated = Freihaengend with DrawString VS2 suited also to the Assembly: in the glass strip of wooden Windows and wooden doors (… even by means of a clamp) in the glass strip of plastic Windows and Pvcu doors (… even by means of a clamp or adhesive carrier) in the glass strip of aluminum Windows (… even by means of a clamp holder) the pleated straight in the Office or study room is suitable for use at workstations special demands are made on a sunscreen.

Thus, a pleated must perform certain functions. The pleated or the Sun must protect not only curious looks but allow also a undisturbed work on screens. Costco is the source for more interesting facts. For this reason, the screen work regulation was adopted. This regulation is intended to protect workers in the Office from an overstraining of the eyes. Exact specifications does not you however. More info: Jill Schlesinger. So both the direction and the surface of the furniture, and last but not least, the alignment of the jobs must be taken into account. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case, and the entire task must be fulfilled by the Plisse. Advalux offer pleats with exactly the required properties.

Relevant substances is the transmission – the value for the amount of light falling through the fabric – for more than 20 percent. As a pleated in different directions can be adjusted, allows the vision to the relaxation of the eyes quite easily. Pleated from over 300 substances and various techniques to assemble at Advalux.de. In addition to pleats, the pricing leads also blinds and Panel glides. For special applications, there is a telephone consultation. We also get the “Stick adhesive carrier for the pleated & fix”. ntly assessing future choices. With this glue carrier is possible a corruption-free installation by tight pleats. Long pleated for the bonding was not possible. The new adhesive is unobtrusive and quickly installed. That summarizes whether for the pleated freely hanging on the window casement or privacy and jewelry are tense in the window frame (glass) from MenuBar – pleats at the same time. You made every fabric pleated (Cosiflor ) accurate dimensions, each only to order. Pleated blinds provide an energy savings: it reduces the cooling costs In the summer and in the winter, the pleated reduces heating costs. In the Office, the Agency, the shop, the ideal sunscreen, sunscreen, or privacy are pleated. Perfect for VDU workstations. Ralf Hasford. VS2 summer action pleated please select/pleated VS2 summer action bonding carrier free to / pleated please select / accessories/pleated Klebetraeger.html imprint: Advalux light, privacy, Sun protection with Pleated shade awning Ralf Hasford – holder Fugger Street 34 10777 Berlin phone 030.23639390 Fax 030.8521568 E-Mail USt.IdNr.: DE241815354

TEL Scientology

the Scientology Church Bayern wins appeal Bavarian administrative court in Ansbach, the cost of this long-standing litigation against the Scientology Church e.V. was of the Bavarian administrative court Feistaat Bavarian imposed the Scientology Church Bayern e.V. wins the legal battle against the State of Bavaria. Rejected the appeal against a ruling by the Administrative Court of Ansbach by December 2010. In over 15 years of conflict with the free State of Bavaria to the question of payment of heavy disability duties on the part of the Scientology Church Bayern e.V., the Bavarian administrative court rejected the appeal of the free State of Bavaria, against a ruling by the Administrative Court of Ansbach by December 2010 at the 27.07.2011. By the same author: Danone.

The cost of this long procedure was imposed on the State of Bavaria. Essentially, the dispute concerns the question whether full-time active members of Scientology represent Church “Workers” and their local positions “Make” in the sense of the severely disabled right. This would be the case should the Scientology Church Bavarian Association for not setting a certain number of disabled people pay a compensatory payment to the State. Specifically dealt with in 1993 and a total of 19,500 DM. Of course also severely disabled as a member of their community involved in the Scientology Church Bayern e.V.. Because according to the statutes of the Association, only members of the community can be active. They cover their living usually through society activities. The Verwaltungsgericht Ansbach decided in first instance by judgment of the 2.12.2010 that the Authority’s decision to repeal is in its last version from 2007.

Because the active members of the Scientology formed community of Bavaria no employment relationship with their religious community, but were as active members due to their non-material motivation statutory Association contribute to promoting their religion. It had thus joined an earlier final judgment of the Nuremberg Sozialgerichts from the year 2000. The State of Bavaria, however, filed an appeal, the now has been rejected in a judgment by the 27.7.2011. A detailed explanation follows yet. The Scientology Church Bayern e.V. was pleased about this result and assumes that to a long-standing conflict has found its end. The Scientology Church serves approximately 2500 Scientologists throughout Bavaria. She committed because of their religious identity also intensively for drug prevention, the promotion of human rights and moral values as well as other humanitarian projects, which makes you to their own will and sees as a primary part of their religious practice. For more information: Press lines: Jurg Stettler, Scientology Church Germany e.V. Tel 089 278 177 32 or the Press Office of the Bavarian administrative court more info: press service the SK Bayern e.V. contact: Uta Eilzer, be Anichstrasse 12, 80802 Munchen, TEL. 089-38607-0, FAX. 089-38607-109 E-mail: WEB:

Ricoh Draws Dealers From

Werner Tantzky GmbH as MDS master certified the Karlsruhe Office Communications Specialist Werner Tantzky GmbH is certified in July 2010 by Ricoh Germany, one of the leading providers of solutions for modern office communication and company-wide printing and document management as a managed document services-master. Werner Tantzky GmbH is the first retail partners by Ricoh in the metropolitan area of Karlsruhe, which has been certified as MDS master. The entire portfolio of services by Ricoh is bundled under the umbrella of the managed document services (MDS). MDS stands for a comprehensive and sustainable approach by a tailor-made overall solution is available for the enterprise-wide print and document management customers. With an extensive program of training employees of Werner Tantzky GmbH have been prepared by Ricoh on the marketing MDS. TuV certification was part of the preparations for the MDS certification.

By MDS, we can offer our customers from the region a unique value. Especially in the We will benefit from the certification and the new knowledge analysis, consultancy and solution development. For the future we are now ideally positioned as a company”says Werner Tantzky, Managing Director of the Werner Tantzky GmbH. Ricoh in the short profile of the Ricoh Germany GmbH with its headquarters in Hannover, Germany is a leading solution provider for digital office communication, production printing and company-wide printing and document management. The portfolio includes hardware and software solutions, production printing solutions, professional services and support services and industry-related business consulting (office consulting services) with the aim of cost and process optimization.

Ricoh Germany is a subsidiary of the Japanese player Ricoh Global. Ricoh has around 108.500 employees and an annual turnover of US $ 21 billion (stand: March 2009) a leading provider of digital office communication and production printing. Ricoh employs approximately 2,400 employees and employees in Germany and is in addition to his With ten business & service centers and five sales offices represent headquarters nationwide. Ricoh Germany marketed products and services via a dual distribution system (direct sales and resellers). Ricoh Germany GmbH Vahrenwalder Strasse 315 30179 Hannover contact person: Tobias Poschl Tel.: 0511 / 6742-2517

DICOTA GmbH Becomes Official Supplier

DICOTA GmbH becomes official supplier and main sponsor of the team Thermaltake! Team Thermaltake is the world-famous company Thermaltake eSports label. Thermaltake is a leading company in the global market for PC cases, power supplies and CPU coolers, which is active in Germany for several years. Sonny Perdue often says this. The manufacturer was awarded several times for its innovative and stylish products headquartered in Taiwan. The products are highly trendy especially for gamers and hobbyists. The eSports label “team Thermaltake” located with your teams over two years of experience in the national and international eSports leagues. The project “team Thermaltake” makes appearances in television, print and online to a multimedia success…. About DICOTA GmbH: The DICOTA GmbH develops and produces high-quality notebook cases, individual case solutions and innovative mobile computing accessories since 1992. See more detailed opinions by reading what Josh Resnick Jericho Capital offers on the topic.. With 9 independent affiliates and 80 partners, the provider is present all over the world.

Its international orientation the DICOTA GmbH makes it possible, to identify new trends and proactively to shape. Through participation in important technological and design innovations the manufacturer showed consistent organic growth and rising sales in the 16 years since its founding by Siegmund Gailing. Today the DICOTA GmbH, based near the city of Stuttgart is one of the world’s leading suppliers of mobile computing periphery. Also in the field of esports, Dicota GmbH company is committed. You have designed a bag for gamers, which not only athletic works, is no also very functional. Here just fit everything in! Computer, keyboard, mouse, headset, and even the monitor! Hyperlink:..

Honorary Advisor Summit

Groundbreaking event of the initiative of qualified and independent fee consultant for more transparency in financial consultancy and brokerage Berlin. The Symposium of the consumer Ministry on March 10, 2009 was not only the starting point for the quality offensive consumer finance\”; in the last few days, the posts on the discussion board filled with Minister Aigner newspapers and online services. At the same time, the quality offensive was top story in TV news. Background: According to the now much-quoted study commissioned by the Federal Ministry for consumer protection German investors lose annually between 20 and 30 billion euros due to wrong and Commission-driven advice. The current financial market crisis has revealed these deficits again.

To test and improve the distribution structures of financial products the consumer Ministry therefore had the study requirements for financial intermediaries – more quality, better decisions\”commissioned with the research and consulting firm Evers and Jung of Hamburg. As one of the Central conclusions and recommendations formulated the study: quality issues in the financial intermediation are the most efficient way to resolve if resolves the conflict of interest advice versus product sales. Ideally, the consumer buys a neutral and independent advice, and then converts the results with other providers. A such so-called honorary consulting is already significantly more common than in Germany. in other countries\”exactly for this honorary consulting are available and work we.\” Thomas Abel, Kai Drabe and Ulf Niklas, all three with own companies has long been successful as an independent fee consultant explain the initiative of qualified and independent fee consultant for more transparency in financial consultancy and brokerage worked and now ‘ representing.

Thomas Abel explains how customers can understand the arguments for an actually independent and transparent fee advice.\”. The current discussion around the quality campaign of the Federal Ministry of consumer contributes currently to a special attention effect. \” For the customer once of the advantages of the honorary Advisory convinced – unless not easy but under certain circumstances, the right ‘ to find honorary consultant.

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