InternetPost Comes Good On

Positive response meets the nerve of the time and the dialog marketing industry presentation during the days of mailing offering the internetPost. Your PostCube combines the possibilities of advertising information and postal services with the opportunities of social media and Web 2.0. While the business model of the internetPost is open to many partners: advertisers and agencies, postal operators and list brokers can use the PostCube as white-label platform under its own name as well as under the brand of internetPost. The special feature of the business model ensures high credibility and confidence in the PostCube: the user data of PostCube are at the Association for the protection of interests of users (EC in formation), which ensures data protection, privacy and adequate participation of users in the value of their data in self-government. We make adult social media”, says Walter Trezek, Supervisory Board of the cooperative and internationally recognized dialog marketing and post market expert. Many Internet users criticizing the lax handling of privacy policy and the invasion of privacy in the Web 2.0. With many young surfers, the sensitivity for this is still not sharpened. At the PostCube, we will ensure that data sovereignty always remains with the user.

Web 2.0 socially leaves adolescence and grows.” Companies like postal service providers, advertising companies, lettershops access users represented by the Association over the PostCube. So that they can reach a dedicated and interessentierte target group, because users must actively give your consent (opt-in) may receive advertisements from a specific company or a specific area of interest. The platform first and foremost through a fee that is paid by shippers for access to the personal PostCube of the user is financed. Our offer is open to all who want to make their communication more effective and reach mature, dedicated users”, explains Andreas Schumann, CEO of internetPost. Precisely this aspect is at the mailing days on a good Found resonance. We have discussed our business model with many interested parties from the Dialomarketing. I am confident that partners develop from the many conversations and contacts out, who want to work with the PostCube.” The PostCube is currently in the test phase for a limited circle of users.

So far, it offers services letter box, Robinson list, white list as approval list for advertisers and moving message. In the coming weeks the test expands, before the official start of PostCube after the summer holidays already practical experiences in the operator concept can be taken into account. Profile internetPost AG the internetPost AG develops products in the field of digital postal services and transmits the traditional paper-based post offers on the Internet. A digital home letter box serves as a core offering for it. This mailbox will receive comprehensive users self-government. They can decide both your digital and your paper mail, whether and how they they want to send and receive in the future. To the right of disposal over the own data to strengthen, are user accounts and profiles in the Association for the protection of the interests of users”spun off. Thus, users get a powerful tool with which you can shape the services of internetPost. Their data are deprived of control of individual companies. Contact: internetPost AG, Andreas Schumann August Bebel Street 26-53 14482 Potsdam phone: + 49 (331) 279-789 94 fax + 49 (331) 279-789 95