Thomas Hobbes

Who needs pavement is the car, most of the people not precisa' '. 2. THE STATE AND THE DESENRAIZAMENTO: PEACE OR ARREST? Which the paper of the State today, in relation to the urban questions and the protection of the individuals? Bauman affirms that ' ' since the beginning, the modern State had to face the desencorajadora task to manage the fear. He was obliged to weave of new the protection net that the modern revolution had destroyed, and to repair it repeated times, to the measure that the modernization, promoted for he himself, deformed it and only consumed. In contrast of what it has been taken to think, in the heart of? Social state? inevitable success of the evolution of the modern State? it had more protection (collective guarantee against the individual desventuras) that redistribution of the wealth. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Sonny Perdue. For the people unprovided of economic, cultural or social resources (of all the resources, except of the capacity carrying through manual works)? the protection alone can be collective? ' '. The Rappa has a music of the rock band that questions in them: ' ' The gratings of the condominium are pra to bring protection, but also they bring the doubt if you are who you are in this priso' '. This letter of the composer Marcelo Yuka serves as a beautiful illustration what here we are dealing with.

The fear in the current society more is not determined the specific schedules and places. The violence is in all part, does not have as if to feel insurance in place some. On the other hand, it has hundreds of apparatus, as cameras, gratings and alarms, that reaffirm and stimulate the necessity of? industry of the fear? , and they create false sensations of security, but that, in the truth, they limit our freedom. Who is imprisoned, after all? What the philosopher Thomas Hobbes would say on this situation that the humanity lives today? So that it serves, then, this modern State, which we only deliver many of our privileges and the counterparts already is not more efficient? According to Bauman, ' ' the modern fears had had beginning with the reduction of the state control (the call deregulation) and its individualistic consequences, at the moment where the kinship between man and man? perpetual kinship, or at least gift since immemorial times -, as well as the established friendly bonds inside of a community or a corporation, it was fragilizado or until breached.