Oliveira Mathematics

Use of games and curiosidades as pedagogical resources. A reason for the introduction of games in the mathematics lessons is the possibility to diminish blockades presented for many of our pupils who fear the Mathematics and feel themselves incapacitated to learn it. Inside of the situation of game, where a passive attitude is impossible, and the motivation it is great, we notice that, at the same time where these pupils say Mathematics, they also present one better performance and more positive attitudes front its processes of learning. The use of games in the education of the objective Mathematics to make with that the pupils acquire taste to learn this disciplines, modifying the routine of the classroom and despertando the interest of the involved pupil. The learning through games, allows that the pupil makes of the learning an amused interesting process and until. For this, the games must be used 0ccasionally to cure the gaps that if produce in daily pertaining to school activity (LISETE; TIMM, 2007). Objectifying the success in the learning, from the use of the games, Oliveira (2002), elenca the following comments: To stimulate the autonomy of the pupil, which must be stimulated to manage its proper reasoning, to create procedures and proper solutions to investigate and to bring individual contributions for the classroom; To take in consideration the previous experiences, the culture that each pupil brings of inside of itself; The professor must continuously try to perceive the level of understanding of educating; To search resources pedagogical that assist the learning; To increase its knowledge better to guide its education; to be intent to the reality as all, using it as base of a significant learning. (OLIVEIRA, 2002, P. 47) Os Parmetros Curriculares Nacionais (PCN) establishes that the pupil appreciates and if adapte the Mathematics, what is basic factor to finish with pejorativos headings that pursue this substance have many years.

Engineering Area

The importance of analytical geometry and linear algebra for a good development in the area of the production engineering and in the daily one of the pupil. Amanda B. Dos Santos. amanda_barbosadossantos@ yahoo.com.br Engineering of Production SUMMARY the production engineering has shown strong growth in the market today, and with it also grows the mathematical areas, as geometry. In this work it is intended to make an analysis of which this importance, and of as geometry assists in the development of the engineering of production in its daily and its applicability in practical questions. It is intended to also show as it is the envolvement of the pupil of quantitative form, with a research of field, in this area and which its performance inside of a so complete area. Words Key: Geometry, applicability and development. Introduction: Throughout the time it comes if noticing the specifications in determined areas, with this growth, the production engineering had great profits, therefore many studies of specification they had shown the importance of a good knowledge in the mathematical area. Inside of this area what it has one strong expression is geometry analytical, that is an old science very created still in century XVII for Ren Discardings that were the inventor of the cartesian coordinates and that it has the purpose to represent numbers of geometric properties, it is very ample, and has the capacity to make to understand us some aspects, some of them is: to locate points in the space, with agrees it formation of a straight line, and also it obtains to provide a vision in plans. Thus studying the geometry inside of engineering it is obtained to perceive that it has many applicabilities in the daily one, as the study of a straight line, that nothing plus a way of locating in them in the space, method today in full century XXI used in GPS, and also very used in one of the areas that are one of them pillars of engineering the logistic ones, with these concepts of geometry can be studied faster ways to arrive in the definitive one destines, and more efficient, only with the use of vectors applied in a plan where can calculate in the distance and to analyze which is most valid.