River Mamanguape Ambient

This work looks for to analyze of socioambiental form the revitalizao of the River Mamanguape, through the recovery of the ciliar bush that was destroyed in the source, that has 170 more than extension km. Aiming at to recoup the degraded areas of the spring of the river in favoring the access the captation equipment community and rain water storage. For the fact, of exactly in the spring it is difficult to find vestiges of it, much destroyed by the man. In which the river if finds with an area sufficiently degraded with the inexistence of ciliares bushes, provoking the increasing assoreamento and consequently, in those areas where it had greater absorption of the water in ascending amount, she was extremely limited for the consumption for the marginal community. In this aspect, analyzing the necessity to provide the natural resources with the region in sustainable way, without attacking the environment in question. Looking geographic and educational goals for the revitalizao of the River Mamanguape, searching to condition the region of study in to revigorate its areas of spring with the reforestation. Making with that the ambient education teaches the population as to use the benefits that the River Mamanguape, needing and being able to provide the caught environment, without being degrading its environment. Exercising with the population and starting to have a conscientious use of the river for the auto-support in the cogitated region.

Where its participation accomplishes together with the public power and of the responsible agencies for the ambient and urban management, if it intensifies in an implementation politics, of ambient education and in the elaboration of a managing plan that always prioritizes the control of flooding in the agricultural and urban way, so that it must be essential in its lives. Words key: Revitalizao Socioambiental, Sustainable Development, Education Ambient. INTRODUCTION We know that the man participates of the nature since its sprouting in the Land and he always needed of the food, the water and the shelter that is of basic importance for its survival. .