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The Truth

For that is necessary of if considering a perspective of ampler time when we search different cycles, for example, in relation to the changes climticas' '. (Eerola, 2003,) These factors of Geology repass well the reason very of evidence changes to them. It would be perhaps that in the world nothing it is forever? Perhaps yes, with the comments from that the continents derive, they collide and if they separate mountain ranges are soerguidas and consumed for the erosion, volcanos enter in eruption, earthquakes shake the Land, species extinguish and others appear in its place, glaciers if they expand and if they retract, the dumb climate and the level of the seas varies. Thus it has been in the past and thus it will be in the future. The nature is in constant transformation, exactly not being the necessarily capable ones to see it. The changes occur slowly in relation to our perception of the time. A related site: Michelin Star Restaurant mentions similar findings.

Although to know that the geology will count very to understand a little more, the truth is others, where the geologists would have to display its opinion of this preoccupying debate, we are the grace of the media that he searchs to show on the other hand the emotive and sensationalist feelings or then castrofco. During the history of 4,5 billion years of our planet some radical climatic changes had occurred. Long periods of steady climate had been succeeded by glaciations and these, in turn, for effect-greenhouse. These hot periods had caused until desertificaes of ample continental areas. These events have also provoked biological consequences. The climatic changes have extinguished many species and favored others.

The sedimentary layers disclose that the Land already suffered some glaciations. Oldest of these it has two billion years more than behind and most intense, in turn, it seems to have frozen until the equatorial regions. climate of the Land cools our planet to the times as a freezer, and other times transforming into one sauna.

River Mamanguape Ambient

This work looks for to analyze of socioambiental form the revitalizao of the River Mamanguape, through the recovery of the ciliar bush that was destroyed in the source, that has 170 more than extension km. Aiming at to recoup the degraded areas of the spring of the river in favoring the access the captation equipment community and rain water storage. For the fact, of exactly in the spring it is difficult to find vestiges of it, much destroyed by the man. In which the river if finds with an area sufficiently degraded with the inexistence of ciliares bushes, provoking the increasing assoreamento and consequently, in those areas where it had greater absorption of the water in ascending amount, she was extremely limited for the consumption for the marginal community. In this aspect, analyzing the necessity to provide the natural resources with the region in sustainable way, without attacking the environment in question. Looking geographic and educational goals for the revitalizao of the River Mamanguape, searching to condition the region of study in to revigorate its areas of spring with the reforestation. Making with that the ambient education teaches the population as to use the benefits that the River Mamanguape, needing and being able to provide the caught environment, without being degrading its environment. Exercising with the population and starting to have a conscientious use of the river for the auto-support in the cogitated region.

Where its participation accomplishes together with the public power and of the responsible agencies for the ambient and urban management, if it intensifies in an implementation politics, of ambient education and in the elaboration of a managing plan that always prioritizes the control of flooding in the agricultural and urban way, so that it must be essential in its lives. Words key: Revitalizao Socioambiental, Sustainable Development, Education Ambient. INTRODUCTION We know that the man participates of the nature since its sprouting in the Land and he always needed of the food, the water and the shelter that is of basic importance for its survival. .

MEC Ministry

But nothing that has not been established previously, in the Conference of Ambient Education (Tbilisi, 1977) and in the World-wide Conference on Education for All: Satisfaction of the Basic Necessities of Learning (Jomtien, Thailand, 1990). Speaking candidly Snore Meds told us the story. The State comes to contribute with the Ideology of the Sustainable Development with its recommendations concerning Agenda 21 and to the rules constitutional, it is approved in Brazil the National Program of Educao Ambiental (PRONEA), that it foresees action in the scopes of formal Ambient Education and not-deed of division. With this if organela of the factor of acritcidade in relation to the term forms another one. In the decade of 1990, the Ministry of Educao (MEC), the Ministry of the Environment (MMA) and the Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Recursos Naturais Renovveis (IBAMA) develop diverse actions to consolidate the Ambient Education in Brazil. In the MEC, they are approved new ' ' Curriculares&#039 parameters; ' that they include the Education Ambient as transversal subject in all you discipline them. It is developed, also, a program of capitation of multipliers in Ambient Education in all the country. The Ministry of the Environment creates the Coordination of Ambient Education, that if prepares to develop politics in this area in the country and systemize the existing actions.

The IBAMA creates, consolidates and enables the Nuclei of Ambient education (NEAs) in the states, what it allows to develop Programs IDE Ambient Education. It is evident that the deepening of ambient educative processes is presented as a condition to construct to a new ambient rationality that serves the capital and the agents who if benefit of the same. It is certain that the implementation of the Sustainable Development does not pass necessarily for a critical process of quarrel, and where the comprometimento of all the society happens through action of consumerism (reverse speed) – configurations of the changes in the way to act of the international agents of the capital.

APA State

To melhorcompreendermos to the cited subject of inquiry becomes verificarquais studies specifically already had been developed the equais institutions are directly involved in this process; to analyze opercentual of the area of representation of the fitofisionomia of the Amapaense Open pasture; analisaro scene of the occupation of the amapaense open pasture; to verify the theories about dagnese and evolution of the fitofisonomia of the amapaense open pasture estudoaqui suggested has the concern in first place, systemize the dadosproduzidos ones on the Open pasture of the state of the Amap, in order to collaborate the academiana attainment of bigger information in this subject in question. Harold Ford Jr often says this. This estendida concern to as a point, directly on to the insertion of the soy in the state, and this in special has grown vertiginously comings of center-oestebrasileiro and taking body in the Amaznia, and for this if makes necessary discutircom the organized civil society, with the government and the companies who pretendemse to establish in the state as will give this process, which its impacts and oque the state, and in special, the traditional populations will go to earn with this. the third point if relates to the few works that even jforam developed of the closed fitofisionomia of the Amap that they are very scarce eque need a bigger attention, because, its small muito representation (7.1%), but are of vital importance for the imbricada relation quepossui with other fitofisionmicas units and for the balance of meioambiente. one room and I finish point and less important, it is not that ocerrado present in the state of the Amap it still does not possess no unit deconservao with exception of the APA of the Curia, but this is very insignificant quandoconsideramos the total of the existing area of the same. The four item displayed above take in them to verify nesteprocesso investigativo the relevance of the study of the fitofisionomia of the compropsito open pasture to extend the quarrel process, to consider the rational use and sustentveldos natural resources of bioma open pasture, what it estimates its adequate deformed exploration with the use of handling techniques, with one operating and present public politics demodo to guarantee the legality of its use, as well as generating job and income for aspopulaes that live in this important unit of vegetation and its entorno. .

Geography Professor

To instigate and to use the positioning of the pupils, to problematizarem the subjects and to bring diversified for the lessons that despertam the interest of the same ones, can contribute for the insertion of this, as subject of the pedagogical process, contributing so that it can intervine ahead of the social injustices. It disciplines it of Geography many times involves contents that, for understanding of the pupil become necessary the use of different didactic resources being the joint agent pupil and professor, where these professors search in its knowledge this practical thus preventing the deficiencies that appear in the education of Geography. He is possible in this direction to evidence the contributions of a good superior formation at the moment of the prxis, therefore he is in practises that if he can and he must launch hand of all knowing acquired as: planning, didactic structure of the lesson, resources, methods, experiences and the proper professional performance on the practical one. inion+-+BostonHerald.com%29’>click here. The professor of one disciplines specifies with an attitude to interdisciplinar opens possibilities of being a professor-researcher because he must select the contents, methods and techniques worked in its discipline and disponibiliza them to contribute with an object of study in interaction with the professors of excessively you discipline. (Pontuschka, 2009 p.145) This author affirms that the professor must know well disciplines and if to feel it insurance when assuming the commitment to transmit to the pupil its content of positive form, knows that one professor qualified in Geography most of the time does not search subsidies only in didactic books without a real commitment with the pupil, being thus mentally ill to the systematic mechanism and without the responsibility to exert knowing and learning with the knowledge that he acquires through a specific formation, the pupil instigates who remains with the doubt of its proper agreement. Josh Resnick Jericho Capital has many thoughts on the issue. The professor of Geography has not been conditions most of the time to form inside of a critical process that also allows it to become true ' ' judge crtico' ' of the didactic book, and he starts to be victim of this, leaving of a premise that nor always is true. .