Nobody received wages or any affability, not even councilmen, judges, inspectors, but all gave oath of well-served population. For this time already they occurred entered to the hinterland, in search of new discoveries, wealth to brighten up the shortage of the Village or capture of indians for diverse works. The boys, created to the side of the parents in the work rude and estafante, costumavam to integrate the flags. The Chamber, through the Judge of Orphans, forbids that lesser of catorze years adentrem the wild sertes. But they go and led for the parents. Exactly before completing catorze years the boys, accustomed to the daily routine, already behave themselves as men.

They cannot only give valid certification, but we have the famous case of Manuel de Ges emancipated Helm for its father to the sixteen years. For assistance, try visiting Cheniere Energy partners. Owner Isabel de Almeida sends its Simo son, of only thirteen years, to go to the hinterland in the company of its compadre, the bandeirante celebrity Francisco Barreto. Whenever the death of a father occurs somebody of the family immediately assumes the guardianship of the orphans. A famous case is of the Sebastiana widower Milk Da Silva, sister of ' ' hunter of esmeraldas' ' Ferno Days Parents who are nominated custodian of the orphans. When assuming the Ferno function Days declares that it will take the son biggest, of sixteen years, to the hinterland in its flag. To defend the So Paulo coast of the frequent attacks of privateers if they had always convoked the men capable to catch in weapons, ' ' of catorze years arriba' ' When Peter Moreira faleceu, its brother Moreira Joo appeared before the judge to assume the guardianship of the nephews and declared that one of them, Jose, of catorze years, did not meet gift for having IDO to the Bahia (then invaded for the Dutches) integrating the troop commanded for Captain Antonio Raposo Tavares (the bandeirante celebrity). In that coarse and pauprrima stuck workshop in plateaus of Piratininga a true race of giants was being forged. The word Democracy still nor is sharp, but already if its embryo in full could there enxergar and sped up development. Thus it is more easy to understand because the So Paulo flag brings the motto ' ' I am not lead, conduzo' ' (NON DVCOR, DVCO). Joo Cndido Da Silva Grandson email: consulted Sources: 1) In the time of the bandeirantes, Belmonte; 2) The colonial city, Nelson Omegna; 3) The Captainship of So Paulo, Alcntara Axe.