Natural Kitchen

With all the natural simple – clean it, does not allow pathogenic bacteria to multiply, and resistant to fire and effects of household chemicals, does not attract dust. Linoleum hard enough, is not deformed by mechanical action and temperature difference. PVC vinyl is cheaper, and if you decide to choose it, it is better to natural substrate. The substrate is made of thick natural fabrics allow less tired legs and prevents the accumulation of static electricity. Planning and design of today modern interior design with an open kitchen layout is divided into zones not only by walls or a bar, but with the combined floor coverings. When the joint space space "flows" from one to another, you can either clear to carve out a zone, or, conversely, to make it as a continuation of the previous one.

For example, if a combination of tile flooring and kitchen area will be allocated from the general interior of the apartment. Whatever coating you choose, kitchen should be in harmony with the rest of the apartment interiors, and much depends on the shape and size of the kitchen and on your furniture. However, the most important thing for any kitchen – is safe and most comfortable conditions for work. No beauty can not be justified, if at the time of cooking and other kitchen work owners are constantly in danger of injury. It has become fashionable to organize the kitchen area on the podium, and even when it is technically unfounded.

In this case the owners often do not think about how they will move out of the kitchen into the dining room and back, carrying the dishes and trays of food. Formed in the device the catwalk step can cause constant discomfort and serious injury, so you should always keep in mind about the basic purpose and plan for its cuisine with maximum security. In general, the material for the kitchen flooring must be not only durable, beautiful, and water resistant, but also safe, allowing the kitchen to feel free and comfortable. To take into account all these factors, as well as compliance with the basic your kitchen style apartment or house, it is best to use the services of professional designers.