My Moments Of Reflection

These days, one of my moments of reflection, I had a moment of clarity while watching some old memories of friends. Amid the many thoughts of all at the same time, a point hit the door of my room, reserved for that moment of introspection. No, my niece called me to play, after all she did not hit the door, I will go and occupy the space that is yours. The question that bothered me, to merge several others, was: What happened to Joe Melo? "Who is this Manoel de Armando?" Joe Melon "was a man half crazy, Bob Marley fan and collector of beer , and more funny is that he does not drink. It was the kind of guy who, when traveling, not just a question of the shirt so that you only mentioned in the photos later.

By the way, take a picture of him was the best , I have never seen anyone so only tick if you leave oil to prosperity! "He liked to wake up early, even when traveling, and turn on the sound volume of the last meatball others. In fact, he hated to general principles, but this time is to admire the joy that you agree that, in contrast to Monday! This was the "Mane" large "Mane Melon." However, looking at some pictures, I found a recent one Jose Armando, all suits, proper posture, half embarrassed and with a wise air. Wow! Joe Melo is the "10 years later in our travels, what happened? That nice guy, crazy beauty, nature lovers, women and the good and bad jokes has become a man without grace, timid and half displaced people in the crowd.