Life, Time, Future. View Artist

Life is an interesting thing. Everyone sees it differently, and reflects the artist in his works, according to the environmental reality of his views. In the beginning – everything is new, the unknown and wondering whether or rainbow sunset, a new melody or an unknown word. Over time, the novelty is lost and comes to understanding the world and its devices. As a child, time passes slowly, and I think that will always be in the same small, and the adult world – something distant and unfamiliar. The difference in one year – not surmountable barrier.

Ahead – a long and endless life, where only good people, where there are no lies and betrayal, and if something goes bad, then, as in a fairy tale will always be a happy ending. Time. With age, the perception of the world and time changes. Time – that stretches endlessly, and then suddenly you notice that you waited so long – has long been over. Days, weeks, months, year, summer, autumn, winter and spring. All what happened in the past – it is known and unchanging, but the future is also unchanged and is determined, as the past, however strange it may sound.

The only difference is that the future we will only try to predict, but to know him as the past, not can, and even more change, despite all our efforts. What should be, what will happen. When you look at an anthill, the impression of total chaos, but, in fact, everything is subject to strict laws, and each ant is where it should be, and does what it should. All this fully applies to a community of people, and to each person individually. In life, all natural – a brick falls on my head just then when necessary, and to whom must fall. Future as a foregone conclusion and invariably, as the past.