Hundsmuhler Street

The bus takes absolute precedence. Finally, don’t expect it to the passengers in the bus, wait a few seconds to the welfare of the children is. When then – like a few months ago – at the confluence of the Hundsmuhler Street a woman driven dead is unlucky. Then you pointed out before the fatal accident on this point. Learned woman doesn’t nag them. Finally you must be explained by the simple citizen but not a safe traffic control.

For the footbridge crossing main street in the fixed Strasse to Hermann-Ehlers elementary school has devised the Oldenburg building together with the transport planning still a special treat. Unifor may not feel the same. How do you make a footbridge still unsafe? Is true! Directly next to the pedestrian crossing yet a Bay set up so that you can’t see a cross intersecting traffic on the cycle track. If the elementary school children having regard to the fact that this bus driver for the GREEN traffic light control responsible are still dutifully have been waiting and then described in the second pace as of the NWZ cross the main road, they so harmless have survived this part, should they succeed, at least then the cyclists roaring up sometimes at very high speed to collide with. The odds are good especially in the dark seasons. I myself have can warn children not only during the dark winter months only by loud cries the cyclists roaring up the cross. Adults can overlook more due to their size illegally parked car. Children have no chance.

Also here the Department see Niessen, painted Mr. and Mr. DCosta white sense an additional traffic light and a holding bar for the cycle. Traffic lights and white stop line would not pay attention anyway the cyclists. With this convincing argument maybe the authorities should give up traffic control completely through traffic lights in Oldenburg. So, the city could save much money. What’s the use Helmet, traffic education in schools, the appeals of parents and educators, if those responsible create framework conditions the city of Oldenburg, which are counterproductive. Public transport will not take determined waiting at pedestrian lights damage by a few seconds, he takes up to damage, if bus drivers leave disabled passengers, because they have no corresponding change, if the bus intervals are too long and the fare. “I want to leave traces,” the Department said even recently nag in an interview to the NWZ. One can only hope that it is not accident children, who are victims of ignorant attitude and vanity of this Department.? Who as the Landschaftsverband woman painted nag, Mr. and Mr. DCosta plays with the lives of children and the elderly, has lost the confidence of citizens. It is not our legal system protected by the Constitution, which is insufficient. There are people like Mrs. Nafis, painted Mr and Mr Dadkhah, their them by Official power entrusted to abuse voters and ignorant and cold the legitimate concerns of parents for their children with their official power defy. No wonder that the pirates come.