Good Villas

With the intervention pacifies of the sertanistas the Good Villas brothers had a work of rescue of these peoples led for the Raon chieftain and the Megaron young that served of interpreter. In this occasion, for the fight of the Good Villas brothers that they tried to organize the aboriginal peoples in a great nation, they had joined forces around this rescue who had lasted many years, and lasts until our days. However it was not led in consideration to the cultural differences of these peoples, therefore if before the tribal wars were for the power and the territorial space, now it was question of life or death. With this the great mixture of peoples and languages in the High Xingu if made to create the Aboriginal Park of the Xingu that approximately shelters 110 peoples of different groups. The illustrious representative citizen of the aboriginal peoples of the Park of the Xingu.

Raon Metuktire that it ran the world with the Sting singer and became the icon of the aboriginal peoples, in Brazil is part of the etnia Kayap its work for the maintenance of the aboriginal culture and for the permanence of the indians in the villages, as well as for the maintenance of the culture and the identity of these peoples it has been object of work for many researchers in Brazil and the world. In this fight for the preservation of the aboriginal culture of the peoples who live in the Park of the Xingu in the north of Mato Grosso. Another representative I legitimize of the Kayap people Megaron Txucarrame it is leader of the FUNAI in Colder/MT and folloies with maestria the population growth of the peoples of the Xingu executing the deliberations of the white man through the laws and continues with interpreter of its people when its claims, therefore say the Portuguese language fluentemente, were alfabetizado by the Good Villas brothers and say 11 dialects of the peoples which represent.