William Gomez Polo Four

The situation was desperate. Anytime would be your piece of paper and would be evidence not only before the magician, but before the public, in which were many who knew Emilio as a serious journalist. Despair Alborde devised a plan and put it into practice immediately. The plan was to abscond, i.e., to stand up, walk slowly, such as who is going to the bathroom and leave. So he did it at parties, when he didn’t want to continue it. He asked for permission to go to the bathroom and it disappeared. He was already near the exit door when the magician say.Please wait a moment.He turned the full head of fear, but found with relief that it wasn’t him who was called.

The magician said wait a moment, that didn’t understand the lyrics written in some role that had arrived in their hands. Emilio hastened step, came out of the tent and soon was out of the circus. He breathed with relief the voice of magician was increasingly less audible. He crossed a street and another, who escapes an enemy and you want to get away as soon as possible. It hastened the passage and took out the account already was four blocks from the place where he had spent the great fright. He was promised that it would never go to a circus.

Nor would take hair to witches, magicians, fortune-tellers and seccion. They were 9 of the night; a dark and silent night. The darkness was only interrupted by the Christmas lights placed poorly on a few Windows. Silence was broken by the shrill cry of gunpowder holiday brother-in-law occasionally.Missing two blocks that Emilio came to his home. Near he heard are the four hasty tires chirp gliding through the pavement. A fat man lowered the blue and white car and began to urinate in the middle of the street while toward firing into the air. It seemed a dangerous, but not so kind to frighten Emilio, because the Professor ADI wine was the only human capable of scaring him and he was about ten blocks in full function. He told the steps missing to reach the door: four, three, two one finally arrived, she thought, while it introduced the key in the lock. He opened the door and closed behind Yes. Step you all the bolts pulled a Chair, just in case. When he went to the kitchen to then go to his room, he reached to descry the white, size envelope card, on the floor. Surely it was an invitation for Eliecer Jimenez, the director of the newscast or William Gomez Polo, the Manager of the station. Correspondence came on behalf of either of the two, and when it was not the Secretariat, was Emilio commissioned to keep it. He picked up the envelope and was surprised to read the recipient’s name Emilio Arias. So that at last someone sends me a card thought. He opened the envelope and paled to view the content. It was the same white paper with the same blue letters which he had introduced in the magician bag awhile before. Magician Marica, said the paper. Below, with red letters, someone had written as a response the legend more FAG you are. Emilio found that Professor ADI wine was a true magician, and that night could not sleep.