Turkey Cooking Tips

In many countries around the world eat turkey at Christmas is a tradition, and there is an enormous amount of recipes. However, it is a food that is not cooked very often so it is useful to consider some tips: Clean the turkey before brewing. Remove excess fat, feathers, etc. As a large piece (a turkey weighs at least 4 or 5 kg), we cook very slowly. If not, we run the risk of snatch and this would ruin the dish. Remember that the parts of Turkey are similar to those of chicken (), but obviously a larger size.

If you prepare stuffed turkey, be careful not to fill to the brim. During cooking the stuffing can expand and get away or damaging the meat. It is better to leave a small space. In addition to spraying the turkey with sauce on the outside, it can be injected and to avoid the meat is dry. A good option is to inject it with cognac, which will give you a flavor. To prevent the breast is dry there are several options: injected with an alcoholic drink or a light sauce support some slices bacon and sustain them with foil milk marinate the turkey in a few hours before cooking spray sauce or their own juice during cooking, and remember that it may be served either hot or cold. Source: I define myself not as a cook or a chef, but as a culinary builder, a creative culinary solutions.