The Truth

For that is necessary of if considering a perspective of ampler time when we search different cycles, for example, in relation to the changes climticas' '. (Eerola, 2003,) These factors of Geology repass well the reason very of evidence changes to them. It would be perhaps that in the world nothing it is forever? Perhaps yes, with the comments from that the continents derive, they collide and if they separate mountain ranges are soerguidas and consumed for the erosion, volcanos enter in eruption, earthquakes shake the Land, species extinguish and others appear in its place, glaciers if they expand and if they retract, the dumb climate and the level of the seas varies. Thus it has been in the past and thus it will be in the future. The nature is in constant transformation, exactly not being the necessarily capable ones to see it. The changes occur slowly in relation to our perception of the time. A related site: Michelin Star Restaurant mentions similar findings.

Although to know that the geology will count very to understand a little more, the truth is others, where the geologists would have to display its opinion of this preoccupying debate, we are the grace of the media that he searchs to show on the other hand the emotive and sensationalist feelings or then castrofco. During the history of 4,5 billion years of our planet some radical climatic changes had occurred. Long periods of steady climate had been succeeded by glaciations and these, in turn, for effect-greenhouse. These hot periods had caused until desertificaes of ample continental areas. These events have also provoked biological consequences. The climatic changes have extinguished many species and favored others.

The sedimentary layers disclose that the Land already suffered some glaciations. Oldest of these it has two billion years more than behind and most intense, in turn, it seems to have frozen until the equatorial regions. climate of the Land cools our planet to the times as a freezer, and other times transforming into one sauna.