The last

The past is remembered from a present that is different now is that this was and is no longer. The past is a living experience that the observer from a far different now from the past which in turn was rationalized. Can never relive the past, only you can live the present. The last to try revive the now present a new present and only present. The body is here and now experiencing, complaining mind pasandonos bills while traveling through the tunnel of time visiting past and future space fiction. What really makes the mind is to disintegrate the individual to transform an individual. That's why people talk about body and soul. The mind is designed to solve practical problems of living has taken control of our lives and makes us believe that we are ourselves.

We identify with the mind, we talked with her, we pay homage and it is our biggest enemy. But for those who are alert, constant observers of our own experiences and have warned that the mind deceives us, we hide the reality and handing him a helmet does: feeding our ego. The ego mind uses to our bait and we bite the bait. For those who are self-observers, we noticed that the mind is a real obstacle. In certain cases it is sufficient that thought into action to let off everything to lose. The best drive of tennis, the best golf swing, a match of football, more timely, more just the reaction, occur when the mind inhabits the body and integrates with him.