The Continued

Here action must exist so, which allowed the continued existence of freakish and the this moral voice of good and evil ‘, underlies and us so to speak since the beginning of time in wise foresight never without power occur left. In other words, as long as we live and act in a certain unconsciousness has this belief of good and evil ‘ direct effect on us, restrict us, cramped us but also protects us. And we throw us in the constant awareness of the his direct influence and win freedom and Bewusstheit, moreover, which us sometime in their acquired ability the boundaries of good and evil ‘ let rise over and we can therefore entgegensehen the principle of constructive and destructive in adult attitude to then conscious, free decision to can. Filed under: igor kononenko. The system of good and evil ‘ is being with those mentioned role which allowed a kind of false security man for thousands of years, in which he could thrive to arm yourself with the necessary tools, namely the awareness itself and the associated qualities that enable us to go a further step in the direction of freedom. So is the era of good and evil ‘ being being a bound external rules and laws established a certain quality of adult consciousness is then over, and the shift to knowledge, to be absolutely free, is in a way even heralding. Experiencing the single and really existent inner instance is logically then only possible if consenting and mature work on the life and work is ensured. Humanity is here on a border area arrived, needs a still protective, but also on the other hand ready to grow out of their children Schuhen. I believe many people in their own individual way experience this inner quantum leap already and a change in the direction of mentioned detachment of limiting systems is based also on the entire humanity to Angeklungen.