Testing Relief

Systematic use of static analyzers can significantly improve quality of code and found many errors. Y approach based on static analysis, a lot of fans and he devoted a lot of interesting work. The advantage of this approach is that it does not depend on the size and complexity of the developed software solutions. In addition, noteworthy way to improve the quality of software products is a technique of selective testing. The basis of this technique is well-known and intuitive way of testing only those parts of software products that have been directly affected by the changes. The main problem of selective testing – is getting a reliable list of all affected parts of the changes software product. The technique of selective testing, supported by, for example, software Testing Relief (), solves this problem. White-box method 6.

Under the white-box testing method we mean the implementation of maximum available number of different branches of code using a debugger or other means. The more code coverage was achieved, the better the testing. By testing the white box sometimes also understand simple debugging of the application to search for known bugs. Full-scale testing of the white box the whole program code has long been impossible because of the huge amount of code today programs. Now testing the white box is convenient to use at a stage when an error is found and it is necessary to understand the cause. In testing by the white box has its opponents, who deny the usefulness of debug programs in real time.