Tale Of The Princess And Her Divine Love

Prince on a white horse Once there was a beautiful princess in the world, which, like all the young "princess" day by day waiting for his true love. At the gates of the castle were going very significant "turn" at the reception to the Princess, so she could "manage their lives, choosing from them myself of that very long-awaited prince. One after another the suitors left lock, and not waiting for the Princess of positive response. (Copyright cynjuku) has long been decided to Princess what she wants to see her future husband, my only love, but to miss nothing in the "examination", she recorded everything that came up. No one has answered the demands, which put forward a princess in her imagination. Something yes did not suit her. One is too old, the other, conversely, too young, and the third has no intelligence, the fourth miser, the fifth in a drunk like, and the sixth in the buffoon.

And certainly in each of something, yes and no. So, and left contenders suitors Castle Princess: Who grieved, who angered the rock of destiny, and who, in general, evil. Much time has passed, a few years, and the princess is still waiting for her prince. And once looked to lock a young man who is clearly different from all the young people – he was handsome, rich, decently dressed and manners. Looking at his coveted list, Princess knew that at last the wait for "him".

It is impossible to describe the emotions and feelings that bedevil the girl in the moment when she realized that it faces "Prince, with its leaf! Girl unconscious in love with him and decided to hurry the young man said that she agreed to become its second half and go beyond He married, in that he bowed politely and said: – Yes, I have seen many, many dragons interrupted, many kingdoms traveled to watch the meeting with his only love. But no matter where I have not sought it I could not find it. I was hoping but here it is not. Forgive me if you can – I am leaving you. Astride his white horse, a young man rode on, toward new adventures, new dragons, new locks and new princesses, only one worried about the prince – he would not even know how many more meetings will be his "transfer". On the way, the prince took out a package, read what it says, turned and laid back. Undoubtedly, a beautiful princess, but help it, sorry, nothing is impossible! Couple items from the list did not match yet useful story – 'the true value of a unique gem. "