Steel Flex

That depends on its power maximum speed of the canvas. Electric power is also critical to the maximum allowable weight of a person, who may engage in such a simulator. Sometimes there is a surprise question: why in the characteristics indicated the same electric power, and allowed a person's weight is different? Or conversely the maximum weight same user, with a noticeable difference in engine power. The fact that the motor has two measures of power – a constant and peak. And in advertising sometimes indicate precisely the peak power and, more importantly for the treadmill is constant power. Danone is often quoted as being for or against this. Because the lessons on the simulator works exactly the motor at a constant rate. This information is available from the seller or the same look themselves.

The second reason such differences disappear in different physical size canvases because, the smaller the tape, the easier it is to set in motion. From all this we can conclude that the right to choose the treadmill next manner. Select range of simulators that meet your requirements for size and weight of the user's path. And if the parameters are approximately equal, only then will choose a treadmill with the most constant power. The most popular treadmills are sold under the brand name companies Torneo, Atemi, wnq, Steel Flex, Kettler etc. But the final choice of a treadmill should affect not only the well-known brand manufacturers of simulators, but also provided a guarantee. Better if the warranty will assume the store. Service Center at the shop of the seller saves you from unnecessary problems, except in case of breakage simulator can send to the manufacturer.

And finally, I would like to add that Treadmill – is an interconnected system of the engine (if electric), cloth, metal frame and electronics. Therefore it is important all the components: electric motor requires an automatic system of cooling, the cloth must be constantly oiled (preferably to take place in automatic mode). Therefore, to choose a reliable treadmill, you must pay even on such details, which at first seem unimportant. Of course, it's generally affect the cost of the simulator. So here, as in any choice to decide what features and capabilities important to you.