Red Cross

as in Chillan in 1939, there is a clear need for investment, reinvention, and economic activation sponsored by the State and private individuals. I believe that the role of enterprises in these moments will be both or more relevant that the role of the State in the process of national reconstruction. The large and medium-sized companies that generate 99% of this country’s employment are the wake-up vector. We said in another article that the spirit of our nation to overcome adversity is both or stronger than solidarity. It has become clear that areas affected quickly people will rebuild in body and soul and will come forward, in affected areas but with the hard lesson learned. Economic growth rates should be maintained at projected by Pinera and his Government, the greatest threat to that purpose are the permanent ghosts of global crises or threats of crisis that occasionally economists, who have been converted into true readers of the time, occasionally both predict. Save these deviations, the momentum that can be achieved in terms of the country’s economic growth, to my understanding, is the tremendous opportunity that I internalised, if projected growth rates materialize, if deviations are not listed in the global economy, whether private glimpsed the opportunity to invest more and better, if the need for affected people out with urgency of the crisis affecting them drives them to work with force in the reconstruction of their own economies, the momentum on growth cause an inflection similar to the that occurred in Chile after the Chillan of 39of course with different results for the time and situation of modern Chile, it is to say but towards the development, at least to the preamble of this. Separate task is political matter in this goal. If you look in these days of crisis politicians conspicuous by their absence, it is not one lesser signal, the political class has remained on the fringes of this crisis giving prominence to Government, non-governmental organizations that have taken into their hands channelling aid, Red Cross, home of Christ, guilds, etc., the action itself in citizenshipprivate companies and the armed forces.