In this case, we are teaching to the children whom only a way are to secure the money: Being used. But, if besides sending life leaves, we began to devise forms to make money without using to us, they will learn that there are other suitable ways to obtain it. Details can be found by clicking Finally, it remembers that is probable that to the children to whom NEVER nothing refuses to them than they want, is more difficult to them to be proactive with the money. Nevertheless, we can change: We and they.

We can learn to say in front of some requests of the children and not to invite them to that they by themselves find the way to obtain what they wish, supporting them in this process. We can teach to them to that they find something whereupon to dream and goals are put to reach those dreams with their own effort. Like the phrase of Hodding journalist Carter: the main legacy that we can leave the children, is roots and wings. I want to emphasize in the wings. To give wings is to teach to the proactive, enterprising children to be, to have initiative against the life, to be able to obtain its ideals. A way to give wings, is to teach them to them to obtain what they wish by his own means and to enjoy its profits. Source: Note of Press sent by vannesakol.