Planned Changes Of The Income Tax And Turnover Tax Law

Employer may smartphones and software tax and social tax free employee love leave dear reader! With our today’s newsletter we want to inform you about planned changes of the income tax and value added tax law, as well as a recent decision of the German. Employers must leave tax and social tax free only a business personal computer or a mobile phone for private use their workers. Bike House may find this interesting as well. This shall apply also for smartphones and software. This can be many payment arrangements, which are beneficial for employers and employees. Horse lovers must, however, deeper access into the Pocket. The delivery of riding horses to the reduced rate of tax of 7% no longer subject to from July 1, 2012, but the 19% tax RuleSet. The final post informed of a decision of the German to the distance allowance.

Then a longer road connection routes between home and work can also then obviously be convenient if it leads to a slight time savings. It is no longer necessary that saves at least 20 minutes. We wish you an informative reading with our today’s newsletter. Employers may smartphones and software tax and social tax free employee left already since the year 2000 employers can make tax and social tax free a company cell phone or a personal computer operating their employees (also) for private use available. This should also apply to data processing devices such as Smartphones or tablets. In addition the employer can be free of charge also system and application programs for private use available, without accruing income tax or social security contributions.

So far, software could be left only favors if it was installed on a company computer. System programs such as operating systems, virus scanners, or browsers the tax benefit will only be granted however when used in the operation of the employer. Computer games may be left not tax-free.