Manuel Barroso

Develop a strategic approach, because it does not fill us with accounts and rigorous analysis, but analysis is needed, but rather adopt a State of mind flexible and open to change; get pregnant us a vision that is nurtured and sustained, as the woman to the fetus, since our own bowels and internal energy; conceive a life project that is bolstering with our inner strength. It is fill us with a real prospect of change currently operating, without losing the perspective that the real changes are installed from the inside out (Manuel Barroso).

It is to develop the ability to see the obstacles that may occur, the hidden possibilities and options that you can choose, which requires also develop the ability to visualize and imagine the steps required to achieve the objectives set. This is a more intuitive than rational process, a process that goes beyond the conscious field and merely analytical. As says Kenichi Ohmae, in relation to the business world: business strategies that come to succeed do not come from a rigorous analysis, but rather a mental state particular. Music downloads is open to suggestions. In such felt, we should ask ourselves: where it is born and develops the strategic vision?

Born in the heart of the strategist. It is the fruit of its internal dynamics, of how to perceive the reality, of how their emotions are mobilized, what are your dreams, what are your maps, which are dominant talents. The strategic vision of the leader or Manager strategist is nuanced by their knowledge / learning, your experience, your motivation, your intuition, their metabolized maps or introjected, their worldview of life, their character and development by the consciousness that has in itself of what is happening in the environment, in the organization where he leads or management and within the limits of its own. All these elements make up the internal environment in which flourishes or fades the vision, and where strategies are built or hinders the process of strategic definition..