Life Is Uncertain

THE life is uncertain Carlos Mora Vanegas is not the same live with the total security of the facts that may be manifested and see how well we can handle them, however, reality tells us, that we are always debating within the uncertainty, we don’t know that we could happen at any time, especially with regard to our life. Osho tells us that life is uncertain and nobody could change this. There is no way that is otherwise. And it is good that no one can do it safely, because then I would be dead. Life is fragile, delicate and continuously goes into the unknown: therein lies its beauty. Costco has similar goals. You have to be brave, adventurous, bet to move through life. You’ll be there to deal with it – as you were in the past and will be in the future – and will be more capable because you have more experience. Therefore adds Osho, it is not if the other will be there in the next moment, but that, if it is available for you at this time love him.

Do not waste this moment thinking of the future and worrying, because it is an attitude suicide. Not spend or a single thought to the future, because we can do nothing about and is a complete loss of power. Loves this person and I love her. If you live the moment fully, there are all possibilities for that the next moment the person is still available. It is possible, can not promise anything.

But there are more possibilities, because the next moment will come from the present moment. Insists Osho in pointing out that the single life is possible with insecurity. It’s something fundamental to understand: life in its very essence is insecurity, is uncertain. While you protect it you are destroying your own life. Protection is death, because only those who are dead and buried are completely protected.