Likely to go read the description of the Balinese tale you have a question: what to bring from Indonesia as a gift to friends, acquaintances, loved ones? Obviously want to leave something to himself and to the memory of a trip to an exotic country. Needless to say, as a memorial or unusual presentations may make souvenirs. Masters in Bali's own manufactured amulets to ward off evil spirits, the magical mask – this kind of crafts with mystical overtones Indonesians are made specifically for centuries. Any of your chosen craft – a unique thing, and you can buy it in one of the many shops on the coast. Balinese themselves using their works in everyday life and be happy to offer to try out their fantastic power to you. Digital Cameras has firm opinions on the matter.

Souvenirs – this is only a small fraction of the huge list of possible Indonesian gifts. Be sure to stop in a china shop, as well as store of ancient weapons and objects of worship. Dishes and jugs of bizarre shape, poisoned arrows, crossbows, is completely mimic historic forms, terrible figures of idols and ancient gods – you must surely there is something for themselves and their friends to taste and mood. Indonesian sculptures are unique technique of their execution, as well as materials. The skill-sculptor father certainly instills her children literally from birth, and therefore already in Balinese youth can easily turn a lifeless gray boulder in an unusual figure of a deity or spirit. Bali is famous for sculptures made of wood, and the center of wood carving has long been regarded village of Mas.