Food Market. A Great Project To Eat To

A food market was one of the first departments in a mall in 15 years to undergoing rehabilitation. The room has a capacity of 1,400 m2 for 16 local food stores and 400 seats. It is one of the pioneering construction projects for the brand owner to update their shopping centers in different provinces. It is high on the concept of appropriating elements, 40% of the components are reused and refurbished items processed to match the new space. All tables in the hall are the ancient, painted with the color of the new thematic and 70% percent of the chairs.

All kitchen components in the stalls were restored. Not only reuse, there is also a redefinition of the meaning of dining in the project. Four aquariums in the dining room are part of the activities of eating. They are mixed with the boards to become communal seats, where the sea-life becomes the high point of this place meals in particular. This project is not for a metropolitan context, but to masses of people of the province, has alienated a roof-shaped wave that has forfeited properly, otherwise it would be obsolete for the locals. The budget of the owners limits the selection of furniture. For more information see this site: Debbie Staggs. The main policy is the reuse of existing elements as far as possible.

The introduction to the giant spider waveform is primarily to help create different types of spaces. A large dining room is divided into small rooms with different heights. The aim is to promote the construction of low cost to generate diversity in the activities of restaurants. I think the interior design is not just to create a specific space using materials found in the market but, in fact, we have to find manufacturing opportunities. Have you need is 5,000 units of translucent roof modules to cover 1400 m2. That amount was necessary to acquire suppliers of molded plastic in general polycarbonate and acrylic. The 2500 installation of the roof has two anchor points for suspended ceiling modules. The lengths of the cables hanging are almost all different in order to create a wave-like surface above the dining area.