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10 questions and answers 10 about hosting Web Part II 4. Free webhosting packages are worthwhile? Although there are undoubtedly some good companies of free hosting out there, we must think carefully before signing for service. Whenever Apple Music listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Often, these accommodation packages are free because hosting providers are selling advertising space on web pages that host. This means that you may not have full control over the content of your web site. In addition, major options are not available, have limited support services and generally not able to update their packages. 5. What are the differences between shared and dedicated hosting? The dedicated Hosting means that your web site is assigned its own, unique server. This means that you have a greater level of control over its web site, in addition to improving the efficiency of your web hosting service.

You can also get greater levels of security on your server, you will have more flexibility in how to manage your web site, however, the dedicated servers are very expensive so the option of shared servers should always be considered. A shared server is exactly as it sounds: the place which houses several different web sites. Resources are limited, have lower levels of security and less control over the server. 6. What is an e-commerce site? An e-commerce website is another way to describe an online store.

It requires a dedicated hosting service and a good structure in web design to make sure that they work efficiently. The web hosting provider you choose should have experience in the e-commerce hosting sites and be able to provide technical support in the event that your business follow this path. 7. What is marketing or corporate web page? This type of web site shows what your business is and that it is. Although it usually has fewer features than an e-commerce site, it also requires you to choose a reliable web hosting provider. Your company or business requires a successful Web page and need guidance? Contact now an Executive at 01800 632 1001 in and get a successful website at the best price and the best services.