Directorate General

Scrapyards Alicante facilitates lowering your vehicle in the Directorate General for traffic (DGT) when the vehicle reaches the end of its useful life, either because it is going to be replaced by a new or better or have become obsolete and not fulfill their function of means of transport, is now possible that the holder of the same wondering what to deregister the vehicle in Alicante? The most successful option and it will provide greater comfort and speed to the person concerned, it will be the visit web site. But why choose them? Scrapyards Alicante offers its users the possibility of making the process of withdrawal of the vehicle authorized Center of treatment (C.A.T.), where telematics the definitive termination of the same, is handled in a way without causing any displacement, or to be scrapped or to the Office of Provincial traffic. How to apply for the floor of the vehicle? When a vehicle owner has decided to terminate it definitely and send it to the scrap yard for depollution, only has to collect data relating to the car and the location of it, along with the documentation that is required to manage the decline in vehicles. For example, a particular case where the holder you will be present at the time of the withdrawal of the vehicle with crane will need a photocopy of the DNI’s owner, the technical specifications and the registration certificate of the car in question. There is also the possibility of delivery of the certificate of destruction to the holder, at the same time of withdrawal with your vehicle crane for scrap, so only must be previously the sending of copies of the documentation by fax or by mail, once completed the initial gathering of data. The destruction certificate is an official document at European level, which accredits the withdrawal of the vehicle for a C.A.T., where final downward, on the day of its issuance will be managed and the car will be environmentally correct way. Source: Press release sent by Alicia.