Design Company Project

Fashion and design at the Academy of fashion and design Dusseldorf Dusseldorf, 22 July 2013 – have implemented 26 students and students from the 6th semester of the Academy of fashion and design in Dusseldorf the Managing Director of HEIN GERICKE international, a joint company project under the aegis of the AMD professors Dr. Marion Steffen and Peter Schmies, as well as by HEIN GERICKE Christian Mager. The course is called fashion and design management and so the project tasks from the fields of development of products and marketing were motorcyclists, not only for the core target group but also in the wider community of HEIN GERICKE brand. Aimed, on the one hand the opportunity to give the students to bring their theoretical knowledge into actionable operational concepts in the real economy and to gain fresh, bold ideas and proposals for HEIN GERICKE. We are delighted with the commitment of students and the results of the four-month project work have clearly exceeded our expectations,”Christian shows up Mager impressed, many good ideas will inspire us or confirm already study plans with the same considerations.” In a final presentation, the 9 teams of AMD have your concepts of the jury”at the headquarters of HEIN GERICKE in Dusseldorf presented in an authentic atmosphere in the middle of the central warehouse. In recent months, Sonny Perdue has been very successful. Tana c team has won, anticipation is the best joy Luisa Clasen and Valerie Neusen with the concept”with marketing activities for Q IV and the holiday shopping season.

“HEIN GERICKE has given a wonderful opportunity our students to apply what they have learnt in 6 semesters, in practice. It was great to see what fun and commitment they were thereby is to have incorporated HEIN GERICKE world”Peter Schmies manifests itself. “What is special about the collaboration was that building a strong brand ideas to develop were, how the brand world can be extended without scaring the core target group.” About HEIN GERICKE the company was founded in 1970. Today is HEIN GERICKE German premium manufacturer of high quality functional and outdoor clothing for all motorcycle and scooter riders. The company is represented with 89 locations around 35,000 square meters of its own retail space in eight countries. In the stationary trade, as well as in international online commerce HEIN GERICKE offers a wide range of high quality products at attractive prices not only for the local biker-clientele. about the Academy of fashion and design Dusseldorf Bildungshaus stands for design, fashion, communication and industry-specific management.

The AMD is characterized by interdisciplinarity, innovation, quality in teaching and research, over 25 years a comprehensive care and a high practical relevance from. Accredited degree programs, as well as recognized training training programs include the education of AMD. The study of AMD includes the bachelor courses of fashion design (B.A.), fashion and design management (B.A.), room concept and design (B.A.) as well as brand and communication design -Visual and corporate communication (B.A.).