According , this year there are more than a year ago, and they are varied. Operators offer a lot of discounts, ranging from the early booking and ending with free placement of children under the age of 16. As a result, many countries can fly a few hundred dollars or euros. There are even travel agencies that specialize exclusively in the last minute and just cheap tours, such as, Cheaptrip. The crisis has not changed the overall forces and prices in the tourist market. Cheapest deals on beach rest are still there in Turkey. Price seven days in a three star hotel, with meals 'all inclusive' and air travel starts at $ 350 (a week-end on the same terms – from $ 250).

Burning a tour to Turkey, sometimes you can buy and do 'for peanuts'. None However, according to sale in Turkey this season, fell quite strongly. This 'all-union health resort' for many fed up with it, and if, instead of two or three trips a year have to confine ourselves to one, people choose something new. The Week in Egypt would cost 379-459 dollars for a three-star hotel with half board – it's about a third more expensive than you could find a year ago. The cost of four-five star hotel in the country of the Pharaohs to the same period starts from $ 550. Even more beloved by many, Tunisia – from $ 500 for a 'three-ruble note' with half-board to 800-1300 dollars for five stars from the 'all inclusive'.