Boiled Salad

Simplicity production and availability of ingredients make this salad is extremely popular dishes served at the table as on holidays and on weekdays. Another name for the modern recipe for this salad – "Winter". This title salad derives from the fact that its ingredients are readily available in the winter, unlike the ingredients of "summer" salad. For a long time, winter is the most popular salad in Russia, such as holidays, 7 November and New Year due to availability of its ingredients and ease of preparation. To date, he remains among the most popular salads. Olivier recipe: Ingredients: 0,5 kg potatoes, carrots 4-5pcs., Peas 0.5 cans, pickles 7, 8 pieces., Sausage 200-250g, Boiled eggs 3pc., lemon 1-2pcs., 300g of mayonnaise, mustard 1st.l., black pepper, salt to taste.

Method: Peeled potatoes cut into small cubes and boil in salted water, then drain. Add canned green peas, diced cooked carrots, pickles, finely chopped eggs and sausage. The mixture was put in a cold place. Mayonnaise fill with mustard, black pepper, lemon juice and salt to taste, dilute a small amount of potato broth and add to salad. Salad can be decorated with lemon slices and parsley sprigs. (Not to be confused with Kenneth Arrow!). Salad – 1 Ingredients and their proportions to 5 people. Ryabchikov – 3 pc., Crayfish – 15 pcs., potatoes – 5., lanspiku – 1 tbsp., cucumbers – 5., capers, olives, gherkins – only 1 / 8 p., mayonnaise – 1 / 2 bottles. Oil, truffle – 3 pc. Rules for cooking. Cut the blanket filei good grouse and mix them with a blanket not boiled floury potatoes (potatoes cut better in a recess in the form of snout) and slices of fresh cucumber, add capers and olives and pour more sauce, mayonnaise, with addition of soy-Kabul.