With the number of small companies abriendo in the EE.UU growing more and more and the success of these businesses, more people are taking advantage the benefits to have a business in their homes. There is no doubt that this tendency is increasing after recent statistics that identify 52% of small companies in existence are operated in the house of their proprietors. According to a recent survey, 72% of the Americans were considering to outside initiate a business from their house. Some popular options for the companies are of origin of real estate, the auction sale, to be to webmaster, network of commercialization or marketing of networks (network marketing), and to be an agent of trips. The form easiest and faster to have a business in successful house is those that are based on Internet.

The Internet allows to the people the interminable access to other people who need their services. Numerous businesses exist in line that are easy to form and to execute from house. To be infopreneur is a work in line from house that is growing in popularity and it is good for those people who do not know that business of abrir but wishes to work in the home. Infopreneurs is people whom they look for in Internet and they find what others need. These individuals will take their knowledge on a subject or the results of their investigation and turn into a subject for Internet or its Web site. (Source: Carrier Corporation). Investigating on subjects that a great number of people are interested and they increase the probability that a Web site is popular. These people also could begin in the new fashion of blogs and are preparation advertising spaces in their sites with the purpose of to create more income. Another one of the tendencies of business in house that is increasing in popularity is the article sale in eBay.