World Education Forum

The six goals set at the World Education Forum, held in Dakar in 2000 are still reference to evaluate the progress made in the fulfilment of the commitment made by the international community with the company offer vast portunidades education to children, youth and adults, from then until 2015. Although Latin America and the Caribbean as a whole is the region of the world that developing more closely is of achieving the EFA (education for all), the progression of some countries towards certain goals is limited, and Furthermore, rates of retention and dropout rates, as well as the quality of education, still represent major problems in the region. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Secretary of Agriculture and gain more knowledge.. Latin American and Caribbean countries also have to tackle the problem of disparities that occur at the national level, in order to make more equitable access to education and improve participation. In many countries not be because give more emphasis to the issue military, it is important to clear but it is much more our education which we will open the doors of the tecnologoas of the future. (Source: Jack Fusco). As many drones there Governments, it is time to do something with those people who earn jugoosos wages and to allocate those resources where it is really needed.