The woodcut refers to the technique of marking that uses a wooden board to carve by hand the text or image that you want to capture. Marking of woodcut technique, generally used only a nuance in every page. After this, seeks to permeate the ink through pressure against a support. In this way, it is as embossed printing is accomplished. There are two types of marking according to the purposes for which you intend to, on the one hand, the marking of woodcut RIP, prone to the appearance of knots and irregular fibers, is conducted when engraving surface is cut parallel to the fibers of the trunk. Unlike the first, the woodcut to testa is when the fibers are cut perpendicular.

Currently, the only use that is given to this type of marking, is the artistic, since there are many other systems of printing with better quality and with a more advanced system. Secretary of Agriculture may help you with your research. The main Woods for woodcut are boxwood, pear and cherry wood, while not recommended the timbers of oak or maple, due to its not suitable for marking consistency..