Wage Average Expected

According to the Mercer 2010 Total compensation survey, half of Spaniards wage rise next year will be 2%, a fact that has been achieved after analyzing more than 260 companies. The rise in 2011 will thus be slightly higher than the one recorded for this year, which has been 1.7%. In any case, this increase is lower than that of 2006 and 2007, where the rises were 4.6% and 5.1% respectively. Rafael Barrilero, partner at Mercer, points to inflation as responsible wage behavior, highlighting that Spain is, together with United Kingdom, the only two countries that have a salary increase less than inflation. On the other hand, the wage increase in Spain has been in this year the lowest in Europe, along with Portugal. However, in the two previous years (2008 and 2009) was precisely the reverse. Spain will be located per year coming from the eurozone average.

Financial, commercial, business development sectors and marketing are those who have benefited from a higher wage increase this year, while that in other salaries have not only not improved but have declined. Next year’s wage increases will be, if met forecasts, more homogeneous, because they distributed among general managers (2%), area (2%) managers, heads and controls (2%), graduates and technical (2%), sales (2.1%) and other workers (1.9%). Also expected that pharmaceutical and consumer goods will have wage increases above the average (2.5 and 2.6 per cent respectively). On the other hand, in 2010 has been a decline in the beneficiaries of the variable remuneration and benefits. According to Barrilero, this can be explained by the output of a high number of occupants of the highest positions of the organizations. Short term incentives have fallen 97% in 2009 to 93% the following year.

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