Use Act

Plan as distribute the wealth in a way that benefits many and give them guns for life. An old proverb says: give a man a fish and you’ve fed him for a day, teach him to fish and you’ve fed him for lifetime. How would you help the world with your abundance? Use Act of sharing prosperity planning will you use your resources when they begin to arrive. He divides your blessings to avoid plateaus. Exercise creativity writing in the accounts that you receive: paid in a manner such that you generate the energy needed to make you free you of all debt. It draws attention towards what you want and not what you don’t want. Get a map of the treasure and get creative.

Don’t worry much where you are but where you want to go. It applies the law of giving and receiving. If you want to collect, sowing. There are those who say: I have nothing to give. Nobody is so poor that not have nothing to exchange with the creation.

If you want to get anything he offers something in return to someone who needs it. A rose gives an elderly lady. Visit a sick person or give away a book. Applies the law void or empty spaces to bring spiritual and material wealth to this plane. Each empty space must be filled. You should know what you want to manifest must have a space that deal with. It eliminates rills and agglomerations which impede the free flow of energy in your home or Office or workspace. If you want a car, releases an area in the garage (garage) for him. Not fill the space of tools, books, papers and useless things. These things crammed and impede circulation. If you want new shoes, give the old ones. If you want new clothing, or tools or whatever, it donates its equivalent to churches and charities that help the less fortunate.