To this end, each course that integrates it contemplates its link on the importance of ensuring execution of functions which not incidentally possibilities of pollution in its final outcome, is evaluated studies of the latest advancements that environmental pollution has contributed, so that subjects e.g. as marketing, production processes, quality assurance, organizational behavior, integrate the relevant aspects that will help to highlight the relevance of be attentive in everything what favors the environmental pollution programme have been evaluated within its objectives, commitments, what should be its role within not environmental pollution, which collaborate with the companies in order to offer to the region, the country the possibility of contamination with regard to its operation. To do this, the current reality of environmental pollution has been evaluated and is has given way to a line of research that allows through its participants to investigate, provide solutions that minimize pollution, especially when it is derived from the operation of the company, of its production processes, from the processing of raw material into final productquality and productivity required in order to promote competitiveness. He is also considered the final product in everything what it can cause and give way to contamination, emphasis is that markets function declared an organizational culture in favor of the corporate social responsibility and contribute to the dissemination of environmental culture among its consumers. Program also brings to stakeholders in this issue, general public, institutions, their collaboration with the disclosure of what represents environmental pollution in its reach and impact through lectures, disclosures, seminars, degree work, beyond of your classroom, opening its doors in order to provide all those skills that modern technology, quality and productivity required to ensure competitiveness without damaging the environment where the companies operate.