Turkey Rafting

In addition to power flow routes are divided by type of thresholds – obstacles that are overcome on the ship. Oversea Wikipedia gives six shades of obstacles: level 1 (easiest). Small obstacles. Must the minimum possible maneuvers. Level 2 (easy).

There are small rocks, requiring for their passage of simple maneuvers. Level 3 (complex). Already a lot of foam, a lot of obstacles to the passage of which requires certain skills. At this level, there are complex phenomena such as "barrels". Level 4 (very difficult). In fact, with this level begin the most inexpressible feeling, because these routes are unpredictable. C first time it is unclear how they perform.

Need a lot of maneuvering. Level 5 (extremely difficult). These sites are already pose a risk to life. They present many very dangerous obstacles in the which a person can drown, to be entrained in eddies, "drums" and so on. Level 6 (practically impassable). Their subjugation and solved a few injuries and even death for such sites are common. Often only on the sixth level of complexity do not speak because he is guaranteed to be deadly, and even in competition for rafting such sites are not considered. This kind of extreme sports are so popular that now there is an international federation of white-water rafting. Its offices are located in 47 countries. Among them are Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Georgia, usa, and many others. Regularly in different countries, conducted training courses and can be argued that the process of training is conducted in a professional manner. Commercial rafting Probably the best and safest way to begin development of the sport, is to participate in the so-called Commercial rafting. In general, it will be convenient for those who have never rafted in this way (or even any other), but wants to get his share of fantastic sensations. Almost all the work related to the analysis situation and decision, for you doing the instructor. You have to just follow his instructions. Otherwise, you are threatening injuries. However, previously, before a final decision, your task is to correct choice of an organization providing similar services. On the quality of equipment, selection of experienced instructors, route selection depends on your life. It should also be aware that this extreme sport is not entertainment, akin to roller coaster. It is very important: – the ability to work together – the unquestioning compliance and team of instructors – compliance with safety regulations. "Back on the raft will not work. Actually, this kind of a small imitation of our lives with whirlpools, rocks, unseen obstacles, rapids and calm sections. In addition to the alloys only members can also memorable natural environment, recreational campfire, fresh air and just lots of fun. Perhaps this is the most important skills that you learn, rafting on the rafts.